Kim's Sassy little Beauty Blog!

Hello There, Welcome to my new named blog Kim's Sassy little beauty blog!
Firstly I am sorry for the lack of blog posts, I just have not been getting into the blog mood and I have had a lot to deal with these past months. I am going to be back to blogging now I promise!

When I came back to my blog after been gone, I was so shocked to see all my pictures including my background, profile picture, blog post pictures and my header was gone and replaced with a dash in a grey circle. You can still see what I mean on previous blog posts even going all the way back to 2013!!! Yes I was fumming, frustrated and very confused. I searched online for answers and solutions but came across none that really helped me out and delivered my pictures back, I don't even have any back ups of my blog post pictures! 

I thought about scrapping my entire blog and restarting but then my followers would be gone, my posts and work I have done with brands would be gone and all that hard work from 2013 till now would be wasted. So I then thought I will re vamp my blog, make a new name and make a post explaining what has happened. I am going to continue making posts and I will keep all my other posts even though they have no pictures. All my posts from now will have pictures and hopefully this won't happen again!! 

So now that has been sorted I wanted to tell you why I re named my blog. My mum Dawn, has a nail art/beauty blog of her own. CLICK ME TO POP OVER TO SASSY LITTLE NAILS BLOG. I am so so proud of my mum. She is not only a magnificent mother but a talented nail art blogger! Her blog is named Sassy Little Nails. Sassy was our cat who died from cancer. She was the baby and the queen of Sheba! So I thought when I was re naming my blog I could include Sassy and my mum's blog in my name. Since we are mother and daughter I thought it would be nice to have kind of matching blog names. 

So I welcome you to my blog and hope you enjoy reading! I will be back with a blog post soon talking all about beauty :-) 
  1. Awh welcome back to blogging kim! And I love the new name! Thanks for your kind words kim means a lot. Love and hugs xx


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