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Hey Loves. Today I am talking about sleep, my tips to help you ease into sleep and help you feel more calm if you are struggling. I am someone who suffers with Anxiety and Insomnia and I have been through the Doctors, Booklets, Websites, Blogs and Videos to help me find some sort of help. I am now on medication to help my anxiety and sleep but on my " help me sleep" Journey I have picked up some tips to ease myself into sleep. I once heard " We are not light switches, We are Dimmer Switches" Meaning we cannot just go to bed and lights out. Our switches need to be gradually turned down. That helped me understand why we have bedtime routines and quite time. So with these tips I hope they can help you gradually turn your dimmer switches so eventually you can catch some zzzz. 

1.Your Bedroom- C.D.C ( Cool, Dark and Clean) 
Your bedroom can be the root cause of your sleeping issues. I use the C.D.C ( cool, dark and clean )Method when it comes to checking if my bedroom is the right sleeping environment. COOL- Make sure you room is cool either you have a window open, the AC turned up a little or have a fan. Sleeping with a fan for me is essential. It stops me becoming hot and bothered but also acts as a noise blocker and creates background noise. DARK- Light can be a huge disturbance in your sleep. Hang blackout curtains, block light from devices like your T.V/DVD player, Alarm clock and even putting a draft stopper by your door to stop the light coming through the cracks. I wear an eye mask because it completely blocks out the light. CLEAN- A messy, unorganised, cluttered bedroom feels horrible. Makes you feel more stressed, anxious and can disturb your sleep. So make sure you remove your clutter and C.D.C your bedroom. 

2. Relax Take A Bath... Or Shower " Wash away the troubles, soaking in the bubbles"-
Sleep experts say research shows taking a hot bath or shower before bed relaxes the mind and body getting it ready to sleep by helping release your sleepy hormone Melatonin. Adding some Lavender or Chamomile Oil into your bath will make you feel even more calmer. Take the time to relax yourself in the bath or shower, light some candles, listen to a book, spa music or podcast and soak your bones for a few minutes. You will feel so much more relaxed,comforted by the hot water and ready for bed.

3. A Mini Massage " Im a start with a massage " ( Trey Songz) ;)-
When people go and get a massage they are instantly relaxed. Not only is the whole body lighter and relaxed but the mind feels less cluttered. Giving yourself a mini massage before bed can bring down your anxiety and help you feel sleepy. Use some lavender or essential oils or a massage bar to massage your head, arms, feet and hands. I highly recommend a foot spa or a hand held massage device. I love doing foot spa's before bed because the warm water and vibrations help me feel relaxed.

4. Read A Book " Reading is dreaming, With Eyes Open" -
As children our parents set aside time to read us a bedtime story. As adults we sometimes forget to bring that into our nightly routines. Reading before bed tires the eyes. It also helps remove the stress and chatter your mind does of a night. Make sure you read your intense " cannot put this book down" type reads of a day time and keep the more slower, less intense books for night time. This is because your eyes become more tired with a slower book and you won't be telling yourself " just one more chapter" before you know it, it's 3:00am. 

5. Body Clock-  Get into a routine!
Oh dear, this is one that applies to myself. I need to start doing this because my body clock is rather messy at the moment. Getting your body into a routine by waking up at an early-ish time every day and going to bed between 10 and 11 every night helps your sleep so much. Your day is longer if you wake up at an early-ish time, your body will start to feel more tired around the nighttime. Going to bed at the same time every night will help tell your body it needs to slow down and become sleepy.  Our bodies are like alarm clocks, we need to set times to feel awake and refreshed and sleepy and relaxed. So getting into a routine is key to a good night sleep!

6. Meditate " Soothe into a deep sleep, with the words I speak" -
Meditations are amazing for anxiety, sleep and to put yourself into a zone out, sleepy state. I love the app Relax, Sleep Well by Glenn Harrold. His voice is so soothing and he does specific meditations for sleep and insomnia helping you ease into a deep sleep, calming your body and mind. Youtube is great for finding meditations aswell as apps you can download. Try it out and if it works for you, keep it as a nightly routine!

7. Relaxing noises- " Sometimes you need the waves of the ocean to relax your mind" 

If meditations are not your thing, or has not worked for you try listening to soothing noises. There is so many apps you can download that have sound boards with rain, thunder, cat purrs, fans and forests. Having a soothing noise in the background as you fall asleep can help you feel more relaxed and gradually dim your light. Spa's have tranquil music playing to add to the feel of peace and relaxation so bring that to your bedroom.

8. Set a dedicated Time For Skincare- " Every Woman Should Learn How To Be Her Own Skincare Expert" ( Bobbi Brown )

I am obsessed with skincare, it has to be part of my night routine. Setting a specific time to dedicate yourself to a skincare routine will help your body realise that it's quite time and near the time for bed. I think it's a great tip because it also helps you stay away from moments like " one more level " or " One more episode" which can lead to late nights. Skincare is so important so setting time aside to dedicate yourself to a routine will help you get into a night routine, also pampering yourself before bed will make you feel calmer and lift your mood. Some nights switch it up do a face mask or treatment. This is a tip that won't really help you sleep, but help you feel more pampered, relaxed and calm your anxiety and you will go to bed feeling like a happy, pampered princess.

9. Blog Away The Stresses From Your Day- 

I know sleep experts say technology cut off at night time but I sometimes break the rules because I find if I am stressed, anxious or having a bad night with my insomnia blogging is such a great outlet to calm my anxiety and I start becoming sleepy, as I type away my eyes become tired. Blogging can be so therapeutic so if it's 2:30am and all you have done is toss and turn, get up and blog for a few minutes. Even if it's not a blog post but more of a plan of your next blog post, research or a draft. 

10. Sleep Essentials- " Cuddle Up" 

Think back to when you was a kid, A teddy or blanket or even a pillow made you feel comforted. Bring that back to your adult life. I like to sleep with a soft blanket and I bought myself a Elephant teddy that has a lavender heat pack inside that you heat up in the microwave. I recommend a heatable teddy because they are so soothing and lovely to cuddle into and the scent of the essential oils will calm you. Sleep with a cushion in between your legs,or cuddle up to a pillow can be super comfy. Even buying new bedding can make your sleep way more better, because we all like getting into fresh new bedding. I also recommend spritzing your pillow and bedding with a sleep spray. They normally all have essential oils in so that will add a soothing, relaxing scent to you bedding.

11. Make Up A Story " Day Dreaming Is Good For The Soul"

This is kinda similar to reading before bed. I have found when I am anxious and things in my life are quite messy I like to get out of my own head and make up a story. I love a little day dream imagining I won the lottery and I meet Enrique Iglesias haha. So of a night time I like to clear away all of my anxiety and reality and have a little storytime and before you know it you will be sleeping. It's just a fun little tip to try in bed when you can't fall asleep.
                                                  xo, Kim's Got Gloss

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