What's On My Phone!♡

Hey loves!♡  I am doing a What's On My Phone on Kim's Got Gloss Today. I am so obsessed with these type of posts or videos on youtube. I love finding new apps/games and being super nosy and seeing what is in other people's phone. So I thought I would share what is on my phone. I have included direct links to the apps if you fancy downloading them too, just click the app name or picture. Also I don't have a lot of apps on my phone because of storage so I have a lot more on my tablet, which I will do a post on what is on my tablet, showing you games, picture editing and any extra apps I don't have on my phone- Enjoy♡

My Phone+Theme.♡ 

To Start off I have a Samsung Galaxy J1. I do love my Samsung but one day I was searching through the app store and I came across this app called XOS Launcher. This app puts an IOS Theme on your phone which is so cool because I have always liked how the Iphone Icons look, they look so sleek, put together and just more better. So with this app you can have your android phone looking like an Iphone which is so cool!  

Phone Protection.♡  

My Phone case changes so much because I have a collection of phone cases I am just always switching but for now I have a hard, protective phone case in a baby pink colour which I bought from Ebay for £1. I also have a gorgeous, Bling, Flower/ring phone grip which is a life saver and is also from Ebay for I think £1! This has saved me from dropping my phone/my phone hitting me in the face when I am laying down. You wear it like a ring and you have full grip of your phone plus it acts like a stand so when I am watching videos I don't have to hold it. I have a glass screen protector on the front screen to protect my phone from any damage, scratches and cracks. I am clumsy so all this protection is needed.

Just like my phone cases, My lock screen and backgrounds always change. I love searching for new backgrounds and playing around seeing what looks better. For now I have a pretty Chanel perfume bottle with a MAC lipstick as my lockscreen. I found this on google as I was searching for Chanel Backgrounds. My Home Screen is just a white/grey marble background. I love marble and this looks clean and non distracting. 

Home Screen Apps. ♡
On the First and Second row I have Weather, Calendar, Gallery and Camera. Settings, Calculator, Maps and PlayStore. Third Row I have Clock, Contacts, Flashlight then the only game I have on my phone which is Bubble Witch 3. I am obsessed with this game, Its so addicting and actually relaxing before bed. This is the brand new game in the popular Bubble Witch Series, Match Bubbles, Complete your missions and up your levels! 

Folders ♡: I love popping my apps into folders. It just makes me less overwhelmed and looks more cleaner. 

Social Media♡-

Instagram- I love Instagram. It's one of my favourite image sharing apps. If you want to follow me click my username it will take you straight there. @MissKimberleySimpson  

Gmail-  I always keep on track of my emails I am not that person that has a million emails unread, I always like to read and delete what I don't need. 

 Another great social media app. I love twitter, I love tweeting and reading other people's tweets, interacting with other bloggers, promoting mine or other people's blogs and reading breaking news or the latest celeb gossip. If you want to follow my twitter click my username it will take you straight there. @MissKimSimpsonn

Pinterest-I could scroll through this app for hours, I love it! Its such a lovely, relaxing and inspirational picture app. I love to pin pictures, and scroll through different pins. If you want to follow my Pinterest click my username. @MissKimSimpson

We Heart It- Another wonderful and inspirational board that provides gorgeous visuals. It's like a tumblr and pinterest rolled into one. Very addictive and if you are a bedtime scroller it's nice to look at. Follow my We Heart it by clicking my username. @MissKimSimpson

Chill Folder♡

Youtube-  I love watching youtube its my chill time, It relaxes me.  I only ever watch Youtube if my tablet is not charged or I don't feel like watching it on my laptop.

Netflix-  A little me time, chill out, relax watch netflix. I am currently obsessed with Power! I am on season 2 and I think it's so good. 50 Cent is in it and the gorgeous Omari Hardwick ;).  I only watch Netflix on my phone if my tablet is not charged, I don't feel like watching it on my laptop or T.V.

Relax Sleep Well- This is an amazing mediation app, Carli Bybel on Youtube recommend it. It's a great meditation app, with Glenn Harrold. His voice is so soothing, and just soothes my anxiety. He has all different meditations for sleep, morning, anxiety, obsessions and more I highly recommend it! It soothes me before bed and sometimes helps my insomnia. 
PlayBooks- This is the books I download from the app store, I do like reading on my phone or tablet. If I don't feel like buying a book and waiting for it too come in the post or going out and buying it I can just download it straight to my phone. 
Daily Horoscope- I love reading my daily horoscope, I am a Libra ( shout out to the Libra's hey ) Haha. I find it interesting, I don't take it and apply it to my life but I love reading it just to see what my horoscope is that day. I have been through so many horoscope apps but this one is my favourite. 
Cosmopolitan App- I always get the Cosmo magazines and when I found they have an app I downloaded it straight away. They have articles, and news and all kinds on their app. I love reading through it and it gets updated every day.  
Tools Folder♡
This folder contains all the " tool" apps like lock screen, keyboard, ScreenShot app, AntiVirus App.

Poop folder.♡
This contains all the apps I don't use, that come with the phone. 

Bottom Row.♡
Then I have on the bottom row, Messages, Phone, Email app that comes with the phone and Google- I am always googling. 

That is all that is on my phone, I hope you enjoyed reading and being nosy and I will be back soon with a What's on my tablet post. 

                                                              xo, Kim's Got Gloss

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