★ Spooktacular Tag ★

★ Spooktacular Tag

Boo! :) So since we are in that Halloween Month I thought it would be a great idea to do a Halloween tag! This tag was made by Elle on youtube AllThatGlitters21 but I changed some of the questions because I wanted to do her tag but not fully copy it, I thought it would be fun to add some of my own questions in. I tag EVERYBODY to do this tag, but I am going to tag some special ladies who I love and read their blogs and would love to see do this tag. I tag...

★ Spooktacular Tag ★

1. Do you still Trick or treat?
I do not trick or treat no more, but I do miss it because it was fun getting dressed up and getting all that free sweets. 

2. Do you like going to haunted attractions? 
I have never been to one, but I would love to go! I think it would be fun.
Although I do think some  'Haunted' attractions are not actually haunted they just want money off you, but the ones that are haunted I would go. I would love to go to a haunted psychiatric Elysium one day that would be spooky. 

3. Favourite Halloween treat you look forward to getting?
I used to like getting any jellies or chocolates. I loved Cola bottles, and anything sour and fizzy. The drumstick lollipops were yum too. 

4. Favourite Halloween Movie?
Hocus Pocus! That is the best Halloween movie, I love watching that on Halloween. I also love Double, Double, Toil and Trouble.

5. Favourite scary movie?
I mostly love watching Paranormal movies they spook me out the most so a good spooky paranormal movie its to hard to pick a favourite. 

6. Favourite costume you wore as a child?
I loved dressing up as a witch, Having a broomstick and a hat made me feel very spooky as a child. I was never into dressing up as monsters or ghosts. 

7. A costume you would like to dress up as if you could go back to your childhood?
I would like to dress up as a pirate if I went back to my childhood. I was a witch all the time I think it would be good if I changed and maybe went as a pirate or a monster. 

8. Do you decorate your house for Halloween?
No we don't and I don't think we ever have. Its fun seeing all the spooky lights and decorations on other houses but not many do decorate where I live. Its more about Christmas in the UK, we get the decorations out then!

9. Do you have a festive background on your phone or computer?
For my phone I swap between these 3.

10. What is your plans for this Halloween night?
I don't have any plans probably have a nice hot bubble bath, then get into comfy pyjamas and watch hocus pocus with some chocolates. 

11. If you have a pet what would you like to dress it up as ( if you don't have a pet you can say your sister or brother)?
I have two cats Bella and Sophie who are mother and daughter. Bella is the mum she would look a cutie in a monster costume because she has grey fur so I think she would look cool as a monster and Sophie the daughter she would look adorable in a ghost costume because she is fluffy and white. 

12. What is your least favourite sweets you would never want to receive when you go trick or treating?
I am not a fan of bassets liquorice all sorts, or anything with nuts in. I also hoped I would never receive fruit! ( its Halloween you want sweeties not your 5 a day)

13. Favourite Halloween decoration?

I like seeing the lights and the spooky masks and things that pop up at you.

14. Favourite Halloween song?

Thriller by Michael Jackson. I think everyone loves that song all year round but even more on Halloween.
15. Your favourite Halloween Makeup look? ( insert a picture if you can)

I love this one, I think this is a sexy look very dark and vampy looking...

so that completes the Spooktacular tag I hope you liked it, and please let me know your answers in the comments or make a post <3! 

Makeup with Kimmy ❤ xo
  1. who wants fruit on halloween anyway? i've done the tag on my blog too- www.abeautifullydesignedmind.blogspot.co.uk :)

    1. I know :) Aw I will have a look! <3 x


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