My friend's blog!♡

This is just a really quick post talking about my friend's new beauty blog. I am very supportive when it comes to my friends or family creating a blog because I am so passionate about my own. So when my friend Charlotte decided to finally hop into the world of blogging (yay) I had to do a post on it, just to get it out there a little more and basically show my support and proud-ness I guess. I can tell already she will be amazing at it, because she has already posted two fantastic posts that are so informative and well written and to be honest it's very impressive for a first blogger. If you could just pop over to her blog, have a little read and hopefully if you like what you read, give her blog a follow? Thank you! ps: your doing so well Charlotte, I'm very proud!xo  

Click this link to head over to her blog :
  1. Awwww! so sweet thank you so much kim! hopefully one day mine will be as amazing and helpful as yours! Thank you for introducing me to my new little hobby xx

    1. Aw no problem! Awwwwwww thank you and I am positive your blog will be actually it already is amazing and very informative <3 You are very welcome, I hope you enjoy your little hobby now xoxx


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