Lush Review: ButterBall Bath Bomb!♡

Hello, I am here with one of my beauty secrets for a luxurious bath and baby soft skin! Who knew a bath bomb can have so many benefits. So last night I was feeling stressed and it was one of those nights I needed a bath and I needed my skin taken care of. I pulled out the Butterball Bath Bomb and this is what I thought of it...

This bath bomb is to soothe, soften and moisturise the skin. With the scent and ingredients of Vanilla, Ylang Ylang and cocoa butter it's going to give you a relaxing, milky, silky bath. If you have dry, irritated or sensitive skin this bath bomb is heaven for your skin type, if you don't have that skin type you will still benefit from this bath bomb- trust me! In goes the bath bomb, as it is fizzing away I can instantly smell the most yummy but relaxing scents, the vanilla and cocoa butter was oozing out. My bath water was turning a frothy, creamy white which was nice to see, instead of the normal boring bath water we all usually have. After the bath bomb fizzed out my water was a milky, moisturising, silky, creamy white with little pieces of melting cocoa butter floating around and once they melted away a moisturising coating that smelt so yummy was left. The whole bath felt so luxurious and just what I needed. I felt very comforted and my mood changed from stressed to calm, relaxed and happy.

The scents of vanilla, cocoa butter and ylang ylang was making me even more relaxed and the way the bath water felt so silky and milky and already my skin was going from dry to soft was a plus. I felt like I could spend a while in the tub and my skin would be well taken care of. My bath water felt like it is going to really soften my skin.

When I got out the bath my skin felt incredible. Baby soft and hydrated, the dry patches I had on my skin was taken care of and my skin smelt like vanilla-so nice! I did not have to moisturise my skin because my skin was so moisturised and smooth. My skin stayed soft and moisturised the next day which I loved and thought was amazing for a bath bomb to make my skin feel so incredible. This is a bath bomb I will repurchase and use when my skin needs a treat and I need a relax and sooth. If your needing a long soak in the tub, grab a glass of wine and pop the Butterball bath bomb in and let it soothe and smooth your skin.

  1. Love lush bathbombs and they all smell amazing good post Kim love and hugs mum ☺ xxx


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