Welcome + My inspiration Youtubers

Hello and welcome!
Hello beauty lovers, Welcome to my blog Makeup with Kimmy. Through out the years I have followed so many bloggers and youtubers for beauty related things. I love makeup and buying and trying new makeup and skin care and hair and nails and all things beauty. I have self taught my self by watching beauty gurus on youtube and following blog posts. The more time I spent watching girls apply makeup or reading beauty blogs, The more in love I became with that community. So here I am starting my own beauty blog.
For my first ever blog post I thought it would be nice to share some girls I watch on Youtube for my inspiration on beauty. So here is a little list of the girls...

  •      Jaclyn Hill
  •     zoella280390
  •     x0alora 
  •      Tanya Burr
  •     Sprinkleofglitter
  •     SMLx0
  •     saturdaynightsalrite 
  •     nurberxo
  •     Nicole Guerriero  
  •      Elle Fowler
  • CarliBel55
  • beautycrush
  • juicystar07
  • leighannsays

 These girls have helped me and taught me so much, I thank every one of them for their time to make videos and share their tips and tricks with the world.
So I hope you all enjoy my blog posts,
Makeup with Kimmy ❤ xo
  1. thanks for the list kim, will have a look at some of them when I have time :)


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