New Series: Holy grail or Holy fail?❤

Hello angels! what's happening? a new series? this blog is getting fancy! I thought of doing a little series on my blog called Holy Grail or Holy Fail. Basically for each post I do on this series there will be a category, from that category I will pick 5 products that I believe to be Holy Grail or Holy Fails. I will be giving my honest opinion but its only my opinion so what works or doesn't might be different for everybody. I think this series is rather interesting instead of doing a single post for 1 review I'm doing a mash up of products that have failed for me and ones that have been the best and telling you if I believe that its a holy grail or a holy fail! Sound good? Lets get started... 

For the first post the category is skincare.

Holy Fails:

1. L'Oreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 purifying Micellar Solution. 
This claims to dissolve makeup, tone and sooth skin, Unclog pores and remove impurities. I have to say it does none of that for my skin. Firstly it just wets my makeup and moves it around my skin I see NO dissolving or even just taking it off. So I thought OK it does not take face makeup off let's try eye makeup. I pored a generous amount onto a cotton pad, held it onto my eyes for about 20 seconds and wiped away and a tiny bit of mascara came off, I had to rub and rub and rub to get all my mascara off and it didn't even take my eyeliner off on my water line. It does take off none waterproof mascara a little bit, but not much! I use waterproof mascara and it takes so much rubbing and I had to use about 4 big cotton pads. It did nothing but wet and move my makeup around so I think for a makeup remover it failed and there is no way it unclogged my pores or helped in any way with impurities.

2.Neutrogena Visibly Clear Spot Treatment.
This is just a spot treatment that you put on a spot to reduce the size and redness. This is a little bit strange because I used to use this and it worked amazingly for me. It reduced the size of a spot and took away the redness, sometimes I would notice it took away that raised red bump you sometimes get when a spot is coming to the surface. The reason why this is in my Holy Fail is because it has stopped working!! *sad face* it does not take any redness, or reduce the size and it certainly does not take away any spots. It has completely stopped working for my skin and I don't know why. Unfortunately this has become a Holy Fail.

Holy Grail's:

1. Philosophy Purity one step facial cleanser
This has to be in my holy grail because it truly is! I have talked about this for so long on many of my posts I will always use this because it has made my skin so much brighter and cleaner! Basically its a one step facial cleanser so it washes and removes makeup, dirt and bacteria. It PH balances so it is not necessary to use a toner afterwards but you still can if you want. This is the best wash ever. My skin feels very unclean and yuck if I don't use it. It takes away every speck of makeup and feels soft when I'm washing my face with it. It is very much a holy grail of mine and I know for a lot of people it's a holy grail. 

2. Philosophy The Mircrodelivery daily Exfoliating facial wash.
Again I have mentioned this in previous posts of mine. I hate strong exfoliating facial washes because my skin is sensitive so I try and find the gentlest one out there and I finally did. I first had a bunch of samples and then I finally bought a 240ml bottle. Its very gentle and can be used daily. It leaves my skin feeling well cleaned and smooth and looks fresher and brighter. Its not at all ruff, so you don't feel like your scratching your face away, its smooth but at the same time you can feel your getting a good clean! LOVE it. 

3. Lush Mask Of Magnaminty. 
This smells so yummy! It reminds me of mint chocolate chip ice cream, Very pepperminty and sweet. This mask has peppermint oils to stimulate the skin, so you can feel cooling and tingling feelings. Marigold oil and Chlorophyllin to treat the skin, So any blackheads or pimples or impurities this mask will sort them out for you. Then the best part its also a gentle scrub, It has evening primrose seeds and aduki beans to gently exfoliate. I left this on for 15 minutes and I could feel it stimulating and detoxifying and pulling the gunk, impurities and oil out of my skin. It feels like a mask you would have in a spa, you just know its doing your skin good. When its time to wash it off, you scrub your skin with it and then wash it off, washing it off is easy it does not take much to take it off. I love how my skin looks once this is off. My skin looks brighter and clear and not at all oily or dry it feels amazingly soft. Pimples and redness have cleared up and my skin tone looks even, pores have shrunk and my skin feels amazing!!!! That is the best mask I love using it and love how my skin feels afterwards. Its my holy grail mask!

So that is it! First post on my first ever series. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you enjoy the series because I got lots more products to talk about <3 In the comments I would love to hear about your skincare holy grail and fails. Please follow my blog if you have not already, you can find me on twitter its  and pinterest
Thanks for reading! Bye xx
  1. Lovely Post! I was considering buying the L'Oreal Skin Perfection to give it a try but will steer clear of it now! I would love to try the purity face wash, where can you buy it?

    1. Thank you Lucy! You can buy the Philosophy purity on their website, debenhams and amazon. You could try the Loreal because it might work for you, but I don't really recommend it. thanks for stopping by x

  2. I did like the Philosophy purity when I tried yours hehe but I find them very expensive. I do love my holy grail which is Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser 200ml at £4:99 can't go wrong with that! it really is great for my skin.I also like your Lush mask Kim that is fabulous :) great post xxxxx

  3. Love Lush face masks I think they're amazing!



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