Let’s talk about: Oily skin & beauty oils!♡

Beauty Oils are one of the best skincare products everybody should have! Everybody any age and any skin type can use them. Sensitive, dry, combination, oily. Yes oily folks can use oil on their face *gasp* Most people who have oily skin start stripping away the oil, giving the skin no moisture at all. Our bodies respond to what we do to it, so your skin will freak out and start over producing natural oils this causes your skin to be over oily and acne prone. What you need to be doing is every morning and night, gently cleanse the skin with a cleanser that will not clog pores and put back oils into the skin. You don’t need to be exfoliating every time you see oil on your skin. You only need to be exfoliating 3 times a week, even if you use a cleanser with enzymes that will naturally and gently exfoliate. You also don’t need to be using a face mask every time you see oil on your skin. I use a mask once or twice a week so strip everything and start over and then I make sure I put the oil back into my skin by moisturizing.  You need to be using a moisturizer/moisturizing oil every morning and night. Always moisturize because Oil combats Oil. So you need to give your skin oil, to convince it to not over produce.

If you’re suffering from any white head spots the most important thing is to not POP them! Please do not pop them because this will cause the skin to break causing redness, bleeding, inflammation and scabs plus you’re spreading that nasty bacteria and pushing it further down into the skin. What you need to do is take an ice cube and wrap it up in a paper towel. Press the ice cube onto the spot for about 5 minutes, the cold will help fight the bacteria. Then you need to cleanse the area and gently exfoliate. Next take a Muslim cloth or flannel, soak it in hot water, wrap it around your finger and press it onto the spot for about 30 seconds. The heat from the flannel will soften the spot and soothe the area. Push and wipe the spot and the majority of the time the spot wipes away. Then moisturize with something that will fight spots or a spot treatment gel. So if you’re about to pop your spot, Stop and try these steps!

The first beauty oil I use and love is TheKiehl’s midnight recovery concentrate. This is an overnight elixir; you apply 2-3 drops at night and press it into your skin. This is filled with good-for-your-skin ingredients like Omega 6 fatty acids, Evening Primrose oil and essential oils including Lavender. This is going to work overnight to recover and replenish your skin with moisture. It’s very lightweight, so it’s not greasy or heavy. I use this on the nights when I want to feel relaxed and pampered. It has an aromatherapy scent to it because of the essential oils and lavender and it has that aromatherapy effect. It feels moisturizing, my skin loves it. I notice after a few times using it my skin clears up. It calms and soothes my skin leaving it clear, moisturized, hydrated, treated and a little glow and makes me feel relaxed and pampered. 

I also love using The Ora Naturals 100%Pure Argan Oil. This is all natural and organic so it’s great for your skin and will not clog pores. You can use this on your whole body, hair, nails, face. This is on the heavier side but not to heavy so you do not feel like a grease chicken but it is a thicker oil that will absorb a little longer. You can apply this morning and night. If you apply it in the morning I suggest you apply a thin layer and wait at least 30 minutes before applying any make-up. I like to apply it at night about 2 hours before I put my head on the pillow and I apply a good layer of it and just allow it to soak into my skin. It feels amazing. So moisturizing and I can feel my skin is getting a good hydration. I notice how my skin feels so hydrated and looks healthy when I wake up. It truly is a great oil and leaves my skin so soft and amazing. 

The last beauty oil I am going to talk about is The Balm Balm little miracle rosehip serum. This is 100% natural and organic. You can use this with your moisturizer or alone, morning and night. This is great for anybody but really good for mature ladies. It’s good for texture, wrinkles and fine lines and radiance and moisturizers the skin. This smells so good; a lovely girly rose scent which is not overpowering or irritable. This is a thick oil but not too thick or to greasy because I am dry and oily I don’t like any heavy thick oils so I go for more lightweight ones. If you apply a thin layer for me it takes about 5 minutes to absorb if I apply more of a thick layer about 20 minutes. This oil has improved the texture of my skin and it looks healthy. I wake up with hydrated skin and I don’t produce as much oil or break outs.

  1. I like it Kim very good post and informative for people who want to take care of there skin. xxxx

  2. I love oil! The Kiehls one is my fave:) I use it every night! You have a lovely and helpful blog! Thanks for sharing xo


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