Laura Mercier Ambre Vanillé Souffle Body Cream Review. ♡

I thought I would do a review on a body cream. This type of review is one I have never done on my blog before which really surprises me since I use body lotions/creams/butters all the time! So Today I am going to tell you my thoughts/opinions on the Laura Mercier Ambre Vanille Souffle Body Cream. I hope you enjoy reading :D!

To be honest I did not like this scent at first! I thought it smelt way to sweet and of pure yogurt and when I applied it to my skin, it smelt so sickly and it did not smell right on me. I did not use it until a few weeks ago I decided to try it on my skin again just to see what I thought and... I am in love! This smells so amazing on my skin now. I don't smell that yogurt scent anymore, I think I was smelling that at first because it has a very sweet almond scent, but I don't smell yogurt and I have fell in love with this body cream now. I feel it smells of sweet vanilla, very warm but girly.  The notes are Tangerine, coconut, almond, honey, vanilla, grape seed and sandalwood. ( yum )

The consistency is very whipped, super soft and luxurious. This sinks right into my skin which I love because for the most time I apply body creams before I go to sleep, so I need something that will quickly sink into my skin. It feels very silky but not greasy or sticky. Its thick so a little bit goes a long way and the scent lasts a long time, I can still smell it on my skin when I wake up and half way through the next day! This soufflé has vitamin A,C and E for the best nourishment and good for your skin cream!

I am very glad I have come back to this body cream and gave it another go because I love it so much now! The scent is heavenly and the cream is luxurious and very hydrating to my skin. I sometimes like to apply this cream after I have come out of the bath/shower when my skin is slightly damp. It locks in the moisture even more. I recommend it to anyone who likes vanilla, sweet scents! 

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