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I love skincare, I love talking about it, I love shopping for it, I love using skin products so I decided to do a post on my favorite skin care products at the moment. I have so many skin care products that I use every once in a while so I am just going to talk about what I love at this moment. I hope you enjoy reading!! 


My all time favorite cleanser is Purity one step facial cleanser by Philosophy. This is for all skin types and will not clog your pores and also it won't strip your skin from its natural oils, it's actually going to put oil back into your skin because it has natural oils init. It's a one step facial cleanser because it's going to cleanse your skin, remove makeup including eye makeup and tone your face with just one formula. It's very gentle on the skin and eyes and can be applied to dry or damp skin. I use this morning and night, it's an amazing cleanser that really takes away any speck of makeup and dirt. It's perfect for everybody.

For days when my skin needs soothing and calming I use Murad Soothing gel cleanser. If your skin is breaking out, producing redness and inflammation you need this cleanser. This cleanses away dirt and bacteria, soothes and calms skin and helps with any redness and inflammation. This is super soft and moisturizing and helps so much with any breakouts and irritated skin.  It has moisturizing beads to restore moisture and softness, also peppermint and berry leaf extracts to help with inflammation.  It smells soothing and feels soothing and cooling.

Exfoliating washes.

Most of the time I use MicroDelivery Exfoliating facial wash by Philosophy. This is for all skin types and gentle enough to use daily. It's not to abrasive but is gritty so you do get a good scrub. My skin feels softer, cleaner and brighter.

I also have been recently using the Olay total effects self heating exfoliate. This is amazing!!! It has warming micro crystals and is a 7 in 1 exfoliate. It brightens, improves texture and smoothness, exfoliates, removes dirt and makeup and helps the appearance of pores.  You splash your face with water, apply this to your skin using circular movements at that point you feel a slight warm feeling, then you apply more water to get the full thermal experience. I must put your mind at rest and tell you this does not burn or get to hot, it's basically just warm. It feels so soothing and it exfoliates well without being harsh on the skin. 

Beauty Oil, Moisturizers and eye cream.

I love Origins GinZing energy boosting moisturizer. The scent of this first of all makes me so happy and it's pretty addictive.  The scent is pure oranges that makes you crave an orange slush! This feels super hydrating to the skin, it is a thick moisturizer but not too heavy. You can apply it Am and Pm and it's not sticky or greasy. I have noticed my skin is brightening with this moisturizer so it must have vitamin c so that is always a great thing. My skin feels amazing with this moisturizer.

Clarins Daily Energizer Cream is another favorite of mine. Its a thick moisturizer but very silky. It gives the skin a little glow but not oily just brighter and a little tiny glow, and feels baby soft! This cream gives my skin hydration and a perfect base for when I apply my makeup. I use this as a day cream rather than a night. I love the scent, it smells very womanly and grown up but not a grandma scent! 

My favorite beauty oil is Balm Balm 100% organic little miracle rose serum. This is for all skin types, and its natural and organic. The scent is so girly, it's pure roses but not to overpowering or sickly. This is going to be used in conjunction with your normal moisturizer. It's a thick oil but won't make you look like a grease chicken and if your skin is very dry, it will drink this oil up so quickly. This oil has improved the texture of my skin and also I notice I don't produce as much oil and breakouts when I use it.

For eye cream there is only one that I love which does not irritate and sting my eyes and that is Kiehls creamy eye treatment with avocado oils.  This is made to hydrate, brighten and de puff the eyes. It has such an amazing brightening effect that gives the eyes a natural luminous glow. It has saved my eyes from dryness and puffiness and does a fabulous job for tired eyes. It has a scent of avocado ( of course ) but the fragrance does not bother my eyes at all. 


Lush mask of magnanimity is my all time favorite mask! This is so minty it's gorgeous! It has peppermint oil which will stimulate the skin, it helps with dark spots, break outs and it's also a scrub. So you apply it to your skin, leave it on to dry and then when your washing it off you scrub your face with it. Its not at all harsh or to abrasive. You can put this in your fridge and then apply it to your skin for a much more intense mask if you wanted to that is optional. This pulls out every dirt and bacteria from your skin and you can feel it doing so.  You feel a cooling, minty, stimulating feeling which is incredible. You feel every nasty stuff and toxins are coming out of your skin. It has the most amazing mint scent but I will tell you it is intense, so if you don't like peppermint you won't like this. I love it so much, my skin looks clean, no breakouts have happened, if I did have any they dried up, my skin feels refreshed and ah just beautiful.

Murad clarifying mask is also on my favorites. I use this more when I need to take everything out and start again with my skin because it does help more with breakouts and blemishes and it clarifies the skin.  I don't think this has a scent to it because I don't smell one. It's a soft mask and dries really quickly. It pulls so much out from your pores, and makes your skin feel baby soft. It sucks everything out and gives you a fresh start which everybody needs to do at least once a week to just pull out everything and start again.  There is not much of a feeling when it's drying, just a tightening feeling. It's a mask I recommend :D

Cream Cleanser

After I have taken my makeup off with wipes, or Micellar water I like to use a cream cleanser. I love using Oil of Aloe Vitamin E creme. This gets deep down and takes off any speck of makeup and dirt. Its moisturizing and for all skin types. It feels luxurious and soft and leave my skin looking cleaner and baby soft. Its one of my favorite products to use as I am taking makeup off because it feels so pampering.  The scent is like a luxurious spa scent and the cream is not greasy or sticky. I love this and have been using it for years as a makeup remover extra step. 

That is my favorite skincare products at the moment. I hope you had a good read and let me know what skincare products you are loving at the moment... :D 

  1. Some great choices - I also use the kiehls eye cream and love it so much! And also the Origins ginzing I use everyday at the moment - perfect for spring. Kat xx

    1. Aw thank you. The origins is very popular :D, Aww am glad you love the eye cream 2 :D thanks for stopping by x

  2. Kim another fabulous post! I love the feeling of the warmth when also using the Olay total effects self heating exfoliate,it really is a great product and I like how my skin feels after using it.:)

    1. Thank you! Aw I know, the feeling of the olay exfoliate is pretty amazing :D Xx

  3. Some great choices, I have the Purity Cleanser and am yet to use it x

    1. thank you! Oh you have to use it, its one of the best cleansers I recommend it to everyone. when you have used it, let me know what you think?x


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