Beauty oils + oily/acne prone skin tips ♥

I have been obsessed with beauty oils, so for this post I wanted to talk to you about them but before I start I just wanted to give you some tips on oily/acne prone skin because what most people will do when they hear ' beauty oils' or ' moisturizer' is stay away from them because they are so oily already the thought of putting any oil onto the skin freaks them out but that is where people go wrong... so please step into my little science class for just a moment.

What most people do when they have oily/acne prone skin is they start stripping away the skin thinking that is going to stop the oil and acne. So they avoid any hydration on the skin like moisturizers and beauty oils. This is a big NO No for anybody who has that skin type and any skin type in general. here is the science'y part.

Our bodies respond to whatever we are doing to it, when your body gets its natural oils it needs stripped away it freaks out,you have basically drained all your natural oils your body produces and needs.  Your sebum glands will be put on full steam and start to over produce oil. This causes your skin to become more oily than normal and more acne prone. What most people need to know is Oil combats oil!! You need to moisturize, you need to hydrate your skin, you need to not strip the oil your skin needs. Applying a moisturizer or beauty oil will combat the oil, stopping your sebum glands over producing the oil. Your skin will start thinking oh we are getting oil so we don't need to produce so much. Also don't over exfoliate your face, most people when they see a pimple they start scrubbing and scrubbing with harsh products. This will irritate your skin making it red and spreading the oil around creating more and more break outs. Exfoliate at least 3 times a week ( every other day ) and use a cleanser with enzymes that will naturally and gently exfoliate. 
The rest I think you already know like cleanse and wash every day, take your makeup off every day and just look after your skin. Your face is the first thing people notice, you apply make-up to your skin, you need the base to be flawless and then you will have great make-up days :D now onto my beauty oil obsession ...

Ever since I tried many samples of Kiehl's midnight recovery serum I fell in love with beauty oils, I wanted to try them all. I came across The Balm Balm rose beauty oil. I have now been using it for about 2 weeks and I love it. First it smells so girly and amazing, just pure roses!! The rose scent is not irritable or over powering. It feels luxurious and makes your skin feel beautiful and soft.
This oil is 100% natural and organic, its amazing for any age and skin type. Its a thick oil but also lightweight so it will not make you look like a grease chicken. It dries into the skin after about 20 minutes. If you apply a thin, thin layer it can be applied in the morning time but I'd give it about half an hour before applying any make-up. I apply it at night about 2 hours before bed because I like to apply a good layer and let it soak and sink into my skin. My skin loves this oil, it soaks it in really well and I have notice I'm not oily during the next day. My skin feels very smooth, soft and glowing when I wake up the next morning, My skin feels moisturized and well hydrated. The scent of roses makes you feel more luxurious and girly.

I hope this post was not to long,and it helped some of you.. and hopefully you love beauty oils and will try some. :D
  1. Kim I love this post wow! you really explained this well that I now understand how important it is to look after your skin and how much oils is needed and not to be avoided.thanks for the tips great job :) xxxx


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