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Hello! I am finally back from my little break from blogging! I explained why I was taking a break in my last post HERE . I have missed blogging so I'm back to business. For this post I have a Murad review. I love this company, I think the skincare products are really nice and have been beneficial for my skin. I also wanted to mention Sarah who is the lady who I am currently working with as a blogger reviewer for Murad. Sarah is so lovely and sweet and extremely helpful. I just wanted to mention her because she has been amazing and I am so glad to be working with her. Also even though I am a blogger reviewer for Murad all opinions are my own. I will never have a dishonest post just because I am getting sent products. My reviews are 100% my own and truthful. Now Onto the reviews :D

Murad Soothing Gel Cleanser. * price - £27.00 *

This smells amazing!!!! It smells very soothing so I can see where the name 'soothing' has come from because it smells very soothing and feels very soothing. The scent is Fresh/Soothing/Peppermint/Cucumber, its not overpowering which is good but does smell so good! This feels very soft on the skin which I love because my skin is sensitive and I hate any cleanser or wash that is to ruff on the skin. I was having a bit of a break out one week, my skin needed to be soothed and calmed so I washed my face with this cleanser and I noticed how redness, tightness and the spots went down! my skin felt very calm and soothed which really makes me happy and I try and save this cleanser for days where my skin needs that soothing and calming cleanser. Also my skin has been dry more than oily lately and when I use this gel cleanser my skin feels hydrated and I no longer have dry areas on my skin. This cleanser makes my skin feel soothed when I am washing it, after washing my skin feels fresh and clean, looks brighter and clear and also feels very soft. I love this, its gentle and does not irritate my eyes or skin, I recommend it!!!  
Image off Murad website 

Murad Hydrating Toner. * Price - £23.00 * 

Oh this has to be the best toner I have ever used!! Now because my skin has been on the dryer side lately I have needed more hydrating products so this hydrating toner has been giving my skin that extra hydration it has been needing. This has been so nice to use every night and morning and has been very hydrating to my skin. It also smells Soooooo lovely, very calming but also fresh! I love how it is a spray rather than applying it to a cotton pad. It's also nice to just refresh your skin with :) It soaks in quick and feels amazing. 
Image off Murad website 

Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture * Price - £64.00 * 
This moisturizer is super rich and thick. So I apply it in the night time because it's thick, in the day time you want a lighter moisturizer. 
This moisturizer has helped my skin become a lot more hydrated and soft. It's a tiny bit on the greasy side but its not at all to oily. Its nice to have a thick, thick moisturizer when my skin needs that hydration and moisture. I feel my skin is moisturized all night, even when I wake up my skin still feels moisturized and soft! It feels very luxurious and smells of shea butter and a little fruity which is lovely. I have noticed the texture of my skin has improved as well as the tone of my skin! Great moisturizer!!

  1. Welcome back Kim! I am glad you decided to blog again as you are so good at reviews and beauty tips etc I for one love reading your blog and will continue to do so as long as you post.I have also shared your posts in FB great review Kim love these products you are so lucky to be working with Murad :) xxx


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