Spring/Summer eyes! ♥

Hello girls! So today I thought it would be nice to show you what eye make-up look I have been wearing and loving. This look really suits the spring/summer. These colours are going to look great on everybody's eye colour especially brown eyes. If I show a make-up look I try and make sure every eye colour can wear it because I like every girl to feel they can take this look and create it, or get ideas from it. I hope you enjoy reading! Xx

Firstly like always prime time! I use Urban Decay Primer Potion all over my lid with my finger, You can use a concealer which I do most of the time, you just need something to cover the base of your eye, and something that your eye shadow will stick to.

I then start off with my crease colour, I use the Naked 1 palette and the shade Naked! This is just a skin tone shade. I sweep that back and forth with a fluffy brush in my crease. I then take the colour Buck which is a soft brown shade from the Naked Palette and sweep that back and forth in my crease. This is a transition shade and also creating a blown out look.

I move onto my lid and I use Maybelline colour tattoo in the colour on and on bronze. These Colour Tattoo's are the best! They are perfect to blend, very creamy and are pigmented like crazy. I take this on my finger and press it onto my lid, Once I feel I have enough I blend it out with a clean brush. I press it onto my lid because I feel it's way more easier and you get more pigment.

I like to add more bronze to my lid so I go back to the Naked palette and use Smog which is a golden bronze shade. I take it on a brush and pat it onto my lid, patting the Urban Decay shadows onto your lid will create less fall out and more pigment. 

Taking a clean fluffy brush I go back in my crease with the Naked and Buck shade and blend blend blend... 

I like to add a white in my tear duct to create more of a ' open eye effect' so I use NYX jumbo eye pencil in the colour milk. To highlight my brow bone I use marylou manizer by the Balm.

I do my mascara and liner and then move onto my lower lash line! 

I take a black pencil and line my water line.  Then I use a flat top brush and Revlon Silver Fox Palette, I use the mint green shade and sweep it back and forth under my lashes taking up meeting where a cat eye flick would be. This mint shade is so pretty, it brings so much attention to the eyes. I then take a aqua shade I am using NYX 78 colour palette, the blue shade's in this palette are beautiful. I sweep that back and forth under the eyes. The mint and aqua shade will bring everything together and work very beautifully together.

That is the final eye look! I feel it is very summer/spring appropriate with the golden bronze on the lid, and mint greeny blue on the bottom :D I hope you enjoyed reading and please let me know in the comments make-up looks you are loving! Xx

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