Taking a break from MakeupwithKimmy!

This post is just going to be me telling whoever reads this that I might be taking a break from blogging, Before I quit all together I might just take a break. This may cause my follower number to go down but hey ho that is just the way it is. 

So like all bloggers you start off small and just build it up and that is what I have been doing. I started blogging in July 2013 and now in March 2014 I have reached 157 followers which to me is pretty amazing. Lately I have been just thinking about that number and to be honest I don't feel any good that I have that number. Why? well I do a post and put a lot of effort and time into it, I post it and I receive 0, maybe 1 comment on that post. Now I know comments are not everything but to be honest I love feedback and reading the comments and interacting with people on my blog. To do a post you think is pretty interesting, you have put a lot of time, dedication and effort into it, you post it and you just get nothing from the 157 people that have followed your blog its pretty disheartening and when that keeps happening it gets to the point of " is anyone reading my blog" " is my blog not good" you start getting questions in your head. 

Also from this blogging experience I thought I'd gain some friendships and talk to people and just interact with other bloggers and to be honest I have not! I have tweeted, in the #bbloggers. I have commented on tweets and blogs, I have done things to interact with people but I feel nothing gets back to me. 

Now I am not trying to make this post all about me complaining because good things from blogging have come out of it like, enjoying writing posts and having some fun with my blog. Also I have got to work with many amazing companies, like Philosophy and Murad and many more to review their products on my blog which is amazing and I have loved that. 

I guess I just wish I had some feedback and some interaction and knowing that someone is reading my posts, and they are helpful and interesting and I am just not wasting my time and effort when nobody is reading them...

I think Makeupwithkimmy will be on a break just because I just want to take time out of blogging and just think about if I should just end blogigng all together or carry on :-) If you have any suggestions let me know. Xx

thank you to anyone who has read my posts or commented I am grateful and yeah that is all... Goodbye for now blogging world! xox
  1. Kim I for one have enjoyed reading your posts and got some great tips and advice from this blog.love you xx

  2. Hi Kimmy, I know how you feel, as I am going through a similar thing with my blog too!, I think that with beauty blogging it can be a clicky niche, but if you just do what you love and write about things that you enjoy, then that is the main thing, but I do understand that it's nice to have a comment or two on a post :)

    Paula at Beauty Lover xx

  3. I have nominated your awesome blog for the Versatile Blogger Award :) http://bitenomore.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/versatile-blogger-award.html


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