The beauty benefits of using Coconut Oil! ❤

Since November 2013 I have been adding Organic Coconut Oil into my beauty routines. In November I did a blog post on Coconut oil beauty uses I found helpful, but since using it more I have been finding new ways of using it and have become a lot more in love with it. Coconut Oil has many different beauty benefits for the hair and skin and honestly there are hundreds out there that I still yet need to try out but for now this is what I have been using it for and what works for my skin and hair. I thought an updated Coconut oil beauty uses would be helpful and something that is interesting to read because I know not a lot of ladies know much about the fabulous world of coconut oil and to be honest I would of never of thought about using something that you put into food/eat for your face or skin but here is what I have been using it for I hope you enjoy reading!

Coconut oil is known for cooking, using it for vegetable oil and olive oil and putting it into many different recipes. But what coconut oil can do for your skin and hair is more amazing than what it can do for your food. The Coconut oil is a waxy solid but when you heat it up/warm with your hands it melts. What I do is put as much as I need into a bowl and heat it in the microwave for 10 seconds, this will turn it mushy but not a liquid because I like to then heat it up with my hands until it has melted into a liquid. It also smells GREAT... Coconuts mmmh.

Using it for the hair! 
I LOVE using coconut oil for my hair, its mostly used on my hair than my skin. For my hair this is what really works to keep it hydrated and looking and feeling healthy and shiny.

  • Deep treatment: When the coconut oil is a liquid I apply a small amount on the ends of my hair before or after washing it, you only need a little bit because it goes along way and to much will make your hair greasy and If you use it before washing it I recommend not using a conditioner because that will make your hair greasy. I clip it up and put my hair into a shower cap. I leave it on either all night, or all day. While soaking in a bath, or about 3 hours before I shower. I leave it on for a while because you really want to let the coconut penetrate your hair and soak in. Then wash it out. This is going to strengthen and condition the hair, leaving it in amazing soft condition and hydrated. Kind of like a mask/deep conditioning treatment. 
  • Hydration Oil for before heat styling/afterwards:Just like normal oils you get for hair, Like argon and macadamia. Coconut oil does the same thing... I just get it into a liquid and apply a tiny bit on the ends of my hair wet or dry. mostly when I have finished styling my hair I add it on. This will make it smooth and shiny, keep the frizz down and hydrate the ends of my hair!

  • Bye Bye Dandruff!: This is something I discovered in the winter time when my hair was becoming flaky and dry. I mixed tea tree oil with the coconut oil and applied it on wet hair root to ends and left it on for about 5 minutes. After the 5 minutes I brushed through my hair with a comb or brush and washed it off. The tea tree oil is going to treat the dandruff while working with the coconut oil to put the hydration back into your hair making the flakes and dry scalp be gone!
Using it for the face!

There are great benefits to using coconut oil on your skin, I recommend using it of a night time because if you use coconut oil on your face of a morning, applying make-up will be a nightmare because it will slip and slide and won't last long. Also you want a clean fresh face while using it, to really feel the benefits and notice them.

  • Eye Area: To reduce puffiness, dark circles and redness around my eyes I like to rub a tiny amount onto my hands turning it into a liquid and then gently pat around my eye area ( where you normally apply eye cream ) This can also prevent aged skin, but because I'm young I don't use it for that but it's never to early to start! 
  • Eye makeup remover/lashes conditioner: This is fabulous to take off mascara, because its an oil it really helps take off makeup on your eyes and also it can be used to condition your lashes. It's just like the cleanse oils you can buy to take makeup off but even better,cheaper and organic! 
  • Facial Oil: I LOVE using this for a night oil, I really want to try all the beauty oils for your face but for now I like to use Coconut oil on nights where my skin really needs the hydration. Also when I have used a good face mask that leaves my skin feeling a little dry or has pulled every oil out of my face I like to put the oil back into my face and use the coconut oil! 
  • Lip conditioner: Use it as a lip balm, soothes dry and flaky skin and leaves your lips feeling super soft and hydrated!
Using it for the body!
These are some ways to use it for your body!
  • Shaving oil: Its amazing to use for a smoother, closer shave.
  • Bath Oil: Applying it to your bath water will make your skin soft and smooth but can be slippy so be careful!
  • Massage Oil
  • Body scrub: Adding coconut oil and sugar will make a perfect body or lip scrub. Very smooth and not to abrasive.
  • Clean out your ears: When turned to liquid put a cotton swap into it and gently clean your ears/belly button. Has to be done! 
  • Stretch marks: Apply it to stretch marks every day will help heal and clear them! like Bio Oil.
  • Soothed cracked and dry skin/feet. 
So that is my ways of using coconut oil for beauty reasons. Interesting huh? SO next time your food shopping pick some Organic Coconut oil up, be aware you might get addicted! 
  1. I'm sat reading this while I have coconut on my hair, how weird :L ... lovely post though, Ive learnt a few more ways of using it :D


    1. haha that is weird! Its amazing isnt it. glad you have picked up some more ways to use it. Xx

  2. I love coconut oil, I did a post similar to this a while ago and it is such a good product x

    1. I know its amazing! Oooo can you send me the link to it, id love to have a read?!x

  3. I love using coconut oil for my hair! I love your blog! I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! If you want to know more about it to to…liebster-award/ xo Beth

  4. aww thanks that is sweet!! I will check it out now. thanks for stopping by xo

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