Review: Murad Blemish Control Clarifying Mask! ❤

Hey everyone. Anybody out there that reads my blog will already know/have an idea that I am a big fan of face masks! Yes it is true, I love that treatment time to just take out that gunk and do a real good face mask. Recently I have used the Murad Blemish Control Clarifying Mask and I have to say it has made it's way into my top 3! 

* disclaimer this product was sent to me for a review but all opinions are 100% mine and honest I never give out false opinions just because the product was sent to me*. 

Firstly this face mask claims to deep clean your skin by drawing out the impurities and absorb all the oil! It has ingredients to calm irradiated skin and reduce redness and inflammation so it controls spots and blemishes and also helps unclog pores. 

My thoughts when I applied it to my skin?

When I had it on my fingers ready to apply to my face I could already feel how soft it felt which was nice. I also noticed it had no scent just a slight scent of a fresh clean smell. It's not a thick consistency or thin, it just goes on evenly. I loved the fact that it was not thin so I did not have to keep re applying it, I used a little bit and that went a long way. It was not to thick so I did not have any blobs. It went on easily no complaints! 

My thoughts while it was on my skin ( waiting for it to dry )?

It gave me no tingly or cooling feeling other than a slight tight feeling while it was drying. The tight feeling became slightly more stronger when it was near enough dry which I liked. The best thing about this mask is it dries super quick I left it on for 15 minutes but it dried in 10! Also I wanted to add I felt NO sting or itch or burning feeling so this mask did not give me any irritation which is excellent! I was feeling very pampered and relaxed while it was on my skin. No complaints! 

My thoughts while washing it off my skin?

This came off very well! Very easy and no scrubbing or rubbing was needed it just came right off! I did wash it off in the shower and out of the shower to test it and both times it came off very easily! It also left no mess which sometimes masks do leave some sort of mess but this one left nothing to clean up! Very happy with how it washed off my skin! No complaints! 

My thoughts afterwards?

I took a look at my skin and it was so much brighter, and cleaner and looked like every speck of dirt, oil and gunk in my pores had been removed. I also noticed how soft my skin felt, it feels like I did not need to moisturize because it felt that smooth and soft and also I felt moisturized already so the mask did not dry my skin out at all! My skin looked so refreshed and glowing and very clean! There was no oily, greasy skin and my spots had become reduced in size and no redness! I honestly felt like my skin was feeling amazing and was in a good place! No complaints. 

Any thoughts the next day?

When I woke up my skin still felt soft and looked clean and bright. I don't know how this mask helped but my makeup went on so much easier and better application. I think that was because the mask pulled all that nasty stuff out of my pores and face. 


I LOVE this mask! it has made it into my top 3! I recommend it even though it is on the pricey side £38.00! I think it is worth the price tag! Very amazing result and clean brighter unclogged skin with dried out spots that have gone down in size and redness and been taking away. 

  1. This sounds amazing x

    1. It really is!! thanks for stopping by xo

  2. I love your blog


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