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Hi Everybody! I'm going to be sharing some products/tips/tricks that I love doing to take care of my hair and to make it hydrated and healthy. I like to keep my hair as hydrated as I can and looking healthy, shiny and feeling amazing. So here is what I do for my hair to be kept taking care of.

Firstly is my shampoo and conditioner. I have tried a bunch of shampoo's but none make my hair feel amazing the way this particular brand does. That brand is Alberto Balsam. I love this brand it makes my hair feel and look super clean and hydrated and just smelling wonderful. The scents I have are honey and sweet almond which is very sweet but fresh at the same time and of course smells like honey and almond which is gorgeous but my favorite scent is the coconut and lychee because I love anything in my hair that smells of coconuts, I don't know why but it just smells so good. Also the scents last in my hair for a long time honestly about 3 days and that is with heat styling and using other products. This brand also has a pearl look to them which brings me on to my shampoo tip! If a shampoo is creamy or pear looking then that means its more hydrating and moisturizing than a normal clear shampoo. What a clear shampoo is mainly for is volume and clarifying but since I am talking about hydration and mainly what I look for in hair products I go for the pearly/creamy shampoo's. So next time your out buying your shampoo's be on the look out for what you want and if it comes out pearly/creamy or clear. 

So now I am going to talk about what I like to use for deep conditioning/treatment masks. Now if I want just a quick mini hydrating,softening treatment I will use my Alberto Balsam conditioner. I apply it to the ends of my hair and then clip my hair up I then sit in the shower with the water on my feet or body so it's not touching my hair, I will let the steam get to my hair which allows the conditioner to sink in more because your cuticle will open up. I do my shower routine and leave my hair till the very last, I then wash it off and use shampoo. When I do this it makes my hair feel soft and smelling gorgeous and has that extra hydration. 

If I am wanting something a little more hydrating but not to intense or a mask then I will get Organic Coconut Oil. This is AMAZING for your hair. The coconut oil is a solid so I like to put some into a bowl and heat it up into the microwave for about 5 seconds which will then turn the oil soft so you can manage it better and work it into your hair much easier. I concentrate on the ends of my hair and whatever is left on my hands I rub into my scalp. I then clip my hair up and leave it for as long as I want too. You can sit in the shower and let the steam get to your hair if you want and sometimes I do. Once you have washed it out your hair will feel so smooth, looking healthy and shiny and as hydrated as can be! 
*picture is off the product website

If I am wanting intense hydration I will use a mask or treatment sometimes if my hair needs it or I really want to pamper I will use a mask if I want to add more hydration I will use the mask and organic coconut oil or my conditioner. The mask I use is the Argan Oil Hydrating hair mask which is an intense conditioning treatment. This is full of proteins and Keratin and Argon Oil so that is all your goodness there. It helps dry hair, and improves texture and manageability it also stores that hydration and goodness back into your hair. I love this, I notice how my hair feels so soft and hydrated after using this. It's thick stuff so a little bit does go along way. It does not make my hair sticky,stiff or to oily which is great.

So you can do many things with this but my favorite ways are to apply it to your hair,clip your hair up and leave it on for as long as you can I like to leave it on for a few hours then wash it off. A great way to do this is to wear a shower cap. Or you can leave it on over night for a intense treatment... So wet the ends of your hair, apply the treatments, clip your hair up, put on a shower cap. The bigger the shower cap the better if you have alot of hair because it's going to cover every piece of hair. When you wake up the next morning, take your hair out of the clip/bobble and brush through then wash it off and val-ah great hair that feels smooth, well treated and hydrated. 

The other treatment I like is Neal&Wolf harmony intensive care treatment for all hair types. This is Sulfate and paraben free which is very good. This is just a nice silky treatment for any hair type which is great! It leaves my hair nice and smooth and feeling treated. I don't use this one very often because I like using more intense products but I still like this one! 

You want to make sure you are always using a treatment on your hair, if that is deep, intense or just a mini treatment. If your using heat on your hair nearly everyday your hair needs that moisture and hydration and treatment. You will find when you do get into that routine of using treatments your heat styling comes out a lot better, whether that is curling or flat ironing or blow drying your hair it will come out much better because it all begins with hydrating and treating your hair! kind of like your makeup, you wash your face and moisturize it before applying your makeup, but if you didn't do that you would notice your makeup application wont be as good! 

Moving on to a leave in conditioner which I love to use if I have not done any treatments that day that I have washed my hair! I use Inecto pure Coconut leave in conditioner. I just love coconut scents can you tell? ;). This smells so good, pure coconuts which is the best smell for my hair! This is also Paraben free. It protects against heat, nourishes and hydrates your hair, calms frizz and fly always and leaves your hair moisturized. 
*picture is off the product website

The last thing is an Oil. I like to apply oil at the ends of my hair after styling because it just adds that extra hydration and softness and also keeps the frizz down if you have any. I use Matrix softening treatment oil. This is just fantastic, it really does soften my hair and keeps any split ends or hair from frizzing! and it adds that hydration. 

So that is everything that I love to use for my hair to keep it hydrated and soft and manageable! I have over used the word hydrating to much! :P I hope you found this helpful in any way and thank's for reading... Please follow my blog if you have not already! You can find me on twitter its https://twitter.com/MissKimSimpsonn 
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  1. ooooh I like this post Kim! you have some very good advice for hair care and products very well informed great job :) xxx http://sassylittlenails37.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. aww thanks I try my best! :D XXx

  2. oo i use a lot of these, fab post!!

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    1. Aw thanks! So glad to hear you use the same too! :D Xx


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