July Favourites! ♥

Welcome to my July Favourites post! This is all the products or things I have been loving in the month of July. enjoy!

Mario Badescu: I have been trying out some Mario Badescu products lately so I'm going to talk about what I have been loving...

Enzyme Cleansing Gel:
This is a non foaming gel cleanser for all skin types. This washes away makeup, dirt and any oil without drying the skin out.  It brightens dull skin and breaks down the build up of dead skin cells that cause breakouts and blackheads.  When I'm ready to take my make-up off, I wet my skin and massage this gel cleanser into my skin then rinse away and my make-up is gone! It's really easy and really quick. I did try it on my eyes to take away my mascara and it did, and it did it easy and quick but I had a little bit of stingy feeling in my eyeballs so I don't think your meant to put it on your eyes. I was super impressed with how my make-up came off so quick and how well my skin looked and felt. My skin felt fresh and clean and soft. It smells fruity and fresh and feels soft and gentle!

Special Cucumber Lotion:
This is a soothing, refreshing, disinfecting, and deep cleansing astringent for combination-oily skin.  You can use this twice a day but I used this of a night time. It removes oil, takes out bacteria, tightens pores and prevents any breakouts and dries up existing breakouts. This does not dry the skin out or burn/irritated my skin. Its super soothing and calms down breakouts and redness. I use this on a round cotton pad and swipe on my face. My skin feels refreshed, clean and slightly tight like its sucked out any oil and dirt and disinfected my skin.  It smells fresh and helps control oil especially during the hot and stuffy weather!

Seaweed Night Cream:
This is for combination, oily and sensitive skin. I love this night cream, every night I look forward to applying it on my skin. Its lightweight but slightly thick. It's a green cream that smells just like a spa! When I apply this my skin feels luxurious and hydrated. When I wake up the next day my skin is baby soft, hydrated and has a slight glow. This night cream hydrates the skin, without clogging pores. I love it, nothing bad I can say about this cream. It's luxurious and keeps my skin hydrated and soft.

Flower & Tonic Mask
This is a mask for combination, oily and sensitive skin. This is a purifying & calming mask. It's going to help tighten pores, absorb surface oil without drying the skin and calm redness and sooth skin. It gives me a fresh start, sucks everything out to start again. It tightened my pores and took all the oil and junk out of my skin but left it super soft and hydrated. It dries quick so you don't have to wait around for it to dry and it removes easy. It gives a tight feeling when its drying. love using this mask!

That is all the Mario Badescu products that I have been loving in the month of July. Moving on to make-up...

Sleek Blush in the colour Mirrored pink:
I have been using the blush for the past 3 weeks now. I just can't get enough of this blush, I love how it gives a golden highlight to the cheekbones so you don't have to apply highlight if you don't want to/in a rush.  The pigmentation is insane, you only need a little bit. This is a beautiful, universal, mid tone rose pink with fine golden and silver shimmer. This comes off as a satin finish with a beautiful golden highlight that sits perfect on the cheekbones.

Miners Maxi volumising Mascara:
This mascara has thin wand that gives my lashes volume and length. it does not clump or is to wet. It's an easy application and gives my lashes a nice volume and lift. I like how it makes my lashes look and I like the application! I have been using this mascara throughout July and I am really happy with it.
Maxi Mascara Volumising - Black
The candy jar marshmallow hearts bath and shower gel:
Oh my goodness! This smell is addictive! You want your nose to be attached to this bottle. This is a bath and shower gel, but I use it for a bubble bath and sometimes body wash. It smells like sweets, but its one of those scents that is addictive and smells so great! If you see this in the shop you have to give it a smell, ah its perfect I'm smelling it right now as I'm typing this. It has the most amazing sweet, candy shop smell. It makes big, soft bubbles that last well in the bath, and makes my body feel soft and smell amazing! 

I have been loving a couple of songs this month, some old, some new but I thought I would add them into this post since they are my favourites in this month.
  • ·        AlunaGeorge- Attracting Flies ( Baauer remix)
  • ·        TimeFlies-Swoon
  • ·        Drake&Nicki Minaj- Make me proud
  • ·        Josh Turner- Your Man
  • ·        Trey Songz- Need a girl
  • ·        Trey Songz- Red Lipstick
  • ·        Tyga&Justin Bieber- Wait for a minute
  • ·        Eminem& Lil Wayne- No love
  • ·        T-Pain& Lil Wayne- Can't believe it
  • ·        Beyonce- Schoolin Life
  • ·        Drake- Own it
  • ·        Drake- The Language
  • ·        Drake- Shot for me

That completes my July Favourites. Thank you for reading! xo

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