Mario Badescu review! ♥

I was recently sent out some Mario Badescu products to review. I have spent about 2 weeks trying these products out and I now feel I have a truthful opinion on them. I hope you enjoy reading and thank you Mario Badescu for sending me out these amazing products!

Disclaimer: Even though this product has been sent to me from a company I ALWAYS do a 100% honest and truthful review, all opinions are my own unless I state I have asked someone like my family/friends. I will never do a dishonest review just because I have been sent a product.

This is for oily/Combination skin and if you are that skin type this toner is your best friend. I use this when my skin feels oily, or I have clogged pores and when I feel my skin is breaking out. This removes any oil from the skin, takes out bacteria and disinfects so it's going to clear and help breakouts. This is also going to tone and remove any traces of make-up. It smells very fresh and clean and feels cooling/soothing and I also feel a little bit tight afterwards because it has took out any oil and bacteria. This has soothed my skin and I have noticed my pores are not as clogged and my oiliness has calmed down, I don't get oily that much during the day. I highly recommend this to anyone with oily skin, breakouts and clogged pores.

This is made for all skin types. If you have breakouts mainly white heads you need this. This is a spot zapper! You place a cotton bud into the bottle right the way into the pink powder, when it comes out it will be wet and sort of like clay, You place it on any spots you have and sleep with it on your face. I thought that it would become messy and get everywhere while I sleep, but when I applied it, it dries on the skin quick so it will not get everywhere while your sleeping. In the morning you wash it off and your spot has gone (like poof gone ) It is amazing, such a holy grail product. This zaps away spots that have fully come to the surface, and I notice if I apply it to areas where a spot is coming but is under the skin, it takes away the size and redness. Everybody needs this product! Moisturize your skin after you have washed the drying lotion off because it is ' drying' to the area you apply it. Oh I love this it's highly recommend. 

This is a lightweight moisturizer for combination/sensitive skin. This protects the skin from any sun damage and moisture loss. It feels very soft and silky, you can tell that it is not a thick moisturizer.  I love it for the morning time, before I apply my make-up I like to apply this moisturizer because it plumps and awakens my skin, moisturizers it and protects it from the sun. I have found it also sets a nice base for my make-up. It does not break my skin out even though it has SPF which for me a lot of moisturizers with SPF break me out but this one has not. Also it has helped with large pores. Great light moisturizer with SPF 15! 

  1. great product review kim! I think you explained the products very well :) xx

  2. I so need that drying lotion, I still get spots even though I'm 52, usually stress brings them out. Very informative review- well done x

    1. Aw thank you+ I recommend that drying lotion its amazing, you look funny going to bed with pink spots on your face but it does the job Xxx

  3. simply amazing. Enjoying reading your posts, keep in touch! xx Peach

  4. aw thank you! that is so sweet! xxx


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