❄ Wonderful Christmastime tag 2 ❄

Welcome back! Ahh Christmas is so close-So excited! My last post was a Christmas tag I made called The wonderful Christmastime tag. Today is part 2 of that tag. I love doing these Christmas questions and talking about Christmas because it puts me in the best Christmas happy mood! I tag everybody reading this, feel free to do it on your blog or Youtube. I would love if you all joined in! I wish everyone a lovely, Merry Christmas! xox

1. What does Christmas day feel like in your home?
Christmas morning is super exciting, it's like the air is so thick with excitement and happiness. Once presents have been opened we have a relaxed day together and have our Christmas dinner and watch Christmas films. It's full of happiness, love and feels special and relaxed. Christmas eve and day are the best day's ever out of the whole year!

2. If you could be in any Christmas movie, what would you be in?
Without a doubt I would be in The Grinch! I love that movie so much.  I love how Whoville looks, and how the houses and people and make-up looks. I think it would be amazing to live there to be honest.

3. Do you open your presents slow and neat or rip them open fast?
I try to be slow and neat but I end up ripping them open fast because I get to excited. 

4.Are you reading any Christmassy books?
I am currently reading I heart Christmas by Lindsey Kelk. I love all of her I heart series and I have been enjoying reading I heart Christmas especially because it's Christmassy. I started reading it the 1st week in December.

5. When do you start listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas movies?
I start listening to Christmas music the day we put our Christmas decorations up. It's fun and feels right when the decorations are up, I love Christmas music so I always get excited for the end of November because they start putting them on the tv. I start watching Christmas movies the 2nd week into December because I like to wrap presents and watch Christmas movies, and by the 2nd week into December I have presents to start wrapping.  

6. If Santa got a new Reindeer and you could choose a name, what would you name it?
This is so hard...Angel... that's cute. Or Snow? Oh this is so hard. I have no idea something cute and Christmassy like Angel, snow or I'd name it after myself Kim? haha. 

7. If you could get your Mistletoe kiss with anyone, who would it be?
Ooo-La-La. This is so easy, I'd choose the love of my little life Enrique Iglesias. I adore him, I love him and I'd love a Mistletoe kiss with him.

8. What is your Favourite Christmas colour?
I love the whites and golds, I think they look so Classic and pretty along with reds.

9. Do you have a Christmas background on your phone or computer ( show us )?
I can spend hours and I have spent time searching for Christmas themed backgrounds. I just love Christmas so I am always finding backgrounds...

For my phone i have this one:

 For my tablet I have a snowman with falling snowflakes, fairy lights and snow. 

10. Number 1 Christmas song?
I'd have to say anything from Michael Buble Christmas album. Something about his voice puts me in New York, with the snow falling, going Christmas shopping. He puts me in the Christmas mood, as well as all the other classic Christmas songs like Wham Last Christmas.

11. Number 1 Christmas movie?
It always has and will be How The Grinch Stole Christmas. That movie puts me in the best mood, it's a feel good movie especially because we always watch it on Christmas eve. So the movie feels special and its funny and at the end it reminds you of the true meaning of Christmas.

12 Apart from the gifts, what do you love about Christmas?.
I love everything. The feelings it brings, the happiness, The decorations, the lights, the trees, the weather, the songs, the food, the movies the list could go on! Christmas is the most amazing time ever.

and that is the end of my Wonderful Christmastime tag part2! I hope you enjoyed! xoox

  1. Hi Kim great tag! here is my answers on my blog http://sassylittlenails37.blogspot.co.uk/2014/12/wonderful-christmastime-tag.html xxx

    1. aw thanks! I'm heading over to read it now xx


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