My winter/December essentials ★♥

Welcome back, December has arrived which means I can pull out all My winter/December essentials and talk about them on my blog. I hope you enjoy!

Johnson's baby oil.
Very simple product but very useful. This is essential for me in these cold, dry-out-my-skin months. I pour a few drops in my bath for moisture, hydration and baby soft skin. It's the perfect bath oil to use. Or I will use a few drops after I get out of the shower. I massage it in my wet skin and then pat dry, this moisturisers, locks in moisture and makes my skin baby soft and glowing. I even shave with this because of how baby soft and hydrated it makes my skin feel and I have noticed I don't get any shaving rashes and it's a lot more of a closer shave. 

LUSH- Cinders Bath bomb.
This screams Christmas/Winter. Cinders bath bomb from LUSH has you feeling like you're sitting with blankets, comfy and cosy with a hot chocolate listening and watching the fire crackling on Christmas eve/ Christmas day. This bath bomb has a spicy and cinnamon scent, very warm and very winter. It also has pop rocks on the top so when you plonk the bath bomb in the water it pops and crackles like the sound of a fire crackling. It has a milky water and lasting scents of the warm fragrances with the sound of a crackling fire. Very cosy, Very comforting and a must have bath product for December! 

LUSH- Snow Fairy Shower Gel
Snow fairy shower gel hits the shelves when Lush bring out their Christmas products. This is my favourite shower gel to use around this time of the year. Firstly the scent of this shower gel is amazing, It's Candy, bubble gum and sweet vanilla- yum. The shower gel is a girly, pink with iridescent glitter. I love how this shower gel makes me smell so yummy and makes my skin so soft because of the softening seaweed it has in it. This shower gel is perfect for Christmas, it lets you step away from the warm, spicy scents of Christmas and surrounds you with all the sweets and treats smell. 

LUSH- Ocean Salt Scrub.
We all need a good ex foliation but in the winter, you don't want one that will dry out your skin. LUSH Ocean Salt Scrub is the perfect ex foliation without drying the skin, it actually moisturisers and leaves my skin so soft and hydrated. This scrub is for your face and body, the sea salt is wonderful for acne with also ingredients like avocado butter to moisturise and soften the skin. It helps with blackheads, removes dead skin and really gives the skin a good scrub without drying it out. 

Balm Balm Rosehip Serum.
To keep my skin hydrated and the dry skin to be kept away, I like to use oils during winter.  This oil is my favourite to really hydrate my skin but not make my skin greasy or clogged. This is a blend of rosehip, jojoba and borage, rose, and essential oils. These oils blended together feed the skin oil, but allow it to breathe and feel rejuvenated.  It makes my skin so soft and so hydrated and so clear. My skin feels like it's had a big glass of water.

Vaseline Cocoa butter lotion.
This is so good to keep the skin moisturised. Vaseline has combined healing drops of Vaseline jelly and powerful moisturisers also pure cocoa butter and oils. This helps heal dry skin, and brings out a natural glow.  It has a soft, coco butter scent and makes my skin feel baby soft and glowing. A must have product all year round but especially in these months.

Looking after the lips is so important, for me Carmex is my must have. No other lip balm product can beat the classic carmex.  It has ingredients such as menthol, camphor and beeswax that leaves a tingling sensation to soothe and smooth and heal dry lips.  Carmex leaves my lips hydrated, super soft and no dry skin is touching my lips.

Vapour Rub.
This is a must have that not many people talk about. This is combined with menthol, Eucalyptus, leaf oil and many other oils for effective cold relief. It clears congestion, blocked noses, coughs, any cold/flu/ breathing related issues. What you do is rub a small amount onto the chest, throat, back and cupids bow. Or you can mix 2 teaspoons in hot water and inhale the vapours. It really clears and soothes.

Victoria's Secret Pure Seduction Fragrance.
This scent is an all year round fragrance but it really stands out in the winter months because it has that warmth to it. This has red plum, aloe vera, chamomile and freesia.  It's very sexy and warm but has that sweet scent in there. I use the shower gel which is very moisturising and the body butter which is so good for my skin makes my skin so soft and then I will use the fragrance. I think I appreciate it more in the autumn/winter month because of how warm the fragrance is. Very sexy, very womanly and a must have!

The Balm MaryLouManizer.
A highlight is a must have for the December/party month. No sun so no healthy glow  so I love mary lou by the balm because of its vanilla, natural, highlight.  MaryLou is a highlighter, Shadow and shimmer in one that diffuses light so your skin looks softer, glowing and healthy.  I love to sweep this on my cheekbones for a beautiful highlight.

Urban Decay Naked Palette ( 1 )
This is my go to palette. It is packed with twelve gorgeous neutrals ranging from champagnes to gunmetal's to shimmers. Glitter to shimmer to matte it's all packed in this palette. This is a palette everyone can use and love.  For the party night's you have your shimmers, glitters and glamorous shades, for your days out to Christmas shopping you have your neutrals and mattes. I'd be lost without my naked1 palette.

Illmasqua Pure Pigment in Beguile.
This is a gorgeous glitter pigment. With Christmas and the party seasons coming up glitter is a must have. This is a metallic, high shine, glitter pigment that is intense and beautiful. It can be used to highlight the eyes, cheeks and brows or paired with an eye shadow for a glitter make-up look. It is gorgeous and so pretty on the eyes.

Clarins Lip Crayon in ' sweet cherry'
This is a lip balm crayon that is so pigmented and so moisturising. This lip crayon in ' sweet cherry' is a strawberry red and it smells like sweets. It's so pigmented, so pretty on the lips and lasts a good few hours. A classic red is perfect for Christmas and winter and this lip crayon is that perfect red with a moisturising formula and a glossy finish.

MAC lustreglass in ' Snow '
Oh this is perfect for Christmas, it's a clear white gloss but with glitter. It looks perfect over any lipstick. It adds that Christmas feel and the name of this lipgloss is Christmassy ' snow ' The thing I like about this lipgloss is, it's moisturising and looks beautiful. Everyone needs a clear glitter gloss during Christmas and winter.

Michael Buble- Christmas playlist.
To put me in the Christmas mood, all I need to do is listen to Michael Buble Christmas playlist on my spotify. His voice takes you to New York walking around Christmas shopping. He has that Christmassy voice that makes you feel all warm and ready for Christmas.

I heart Christmas by Lindsey Kelk. ( book )
My must have book for winter/December is I heart Christmas, I have not read this yet but I am planning to get cosy on the sofa, with the Christmas lights on and a cup of tea in my hand snug with a blanket and read this book. I have read the I heart series so I am looking forward to reading this one especially because it's Christmas themed. 

And that is My winter/December essentials. I hope you enjoyed reading!ox
  1. Absolutely love the Snow Fairy shower gel, it smells divine!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Oh I agree, can't stop smelling it smells so sweet xo


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