The Me Time Tag! ♥

Welcome back to my blog! I saw this tag around youtube and I thought it was right up my street because I love talking about 'me time and pamper nights and all that cosy stuff so I thought it would be nice to do this tag on my blog, and I tag everyone of you reading this! xo

1.What do you watch or read during me time?
When I am relaxing and having me time I go through my youtube subscriptions and watch my favourite youtubers, I also like to watch a chick flick like Bridget Jones or Clueless. For reading I like to read The Secret which is a fabulous positive thinking book, and I also like to read The day I shot cupid by Jennifer Love Hewitt my favourite actress ever! That book is about her stories on love, boys and all girl talk. 

2. What do you wear during me time?
I love pyjama's so I wear them during my relaxing me time I have been loving the fleece type because it has been getting chilly where I live so it's so snugly, warm and super comfy!  Also a pair of fluffy socks is a must.

3. What are your me time beauty products?
Like all girls I love having a candle-lit bubble bath for my relaxing me time and I love using a Lush bath product, my top go to is the Comforter bubble bar which does exactly what it says - comforts you, and makes the best, biggest, softest, frothiest bubbles. I also like to use a face mask, My go to is the Lush mask of magnaminty, its super minty and pulls all the dirt, oil and bacteria and leaves my skin feeling baby soft, super clean and looking brighter and not oily. Sometimes If I need to take 5 minutes out of my day, if I am feeling abit stressed or bored or I need a bit of me time a good hand cream makes me feel relaxed and pampered.

 4. Current Favourite nail polish?
I am currently not wearing nail polish and I haven't for a couple of weeks so I don't have a current favourite, but the nail polish colours I normally go for is reds like a cherry red or a blood red and a also I love a hot pink colour. 

5. What do you eat/drink during me time?
Chocolate is the main thing I love to eat during me time, or Doughnuts which I heat up in the microwave and oh its so good! I like some cheese puff crisps and some sour sweets. For drinks I am addicted to the Cherry Pepsi max coke, I also like to drink a chocolate milkshake and if I am getting real pampered I will have a chocolate milkshake and squirt cream on the top and add some chocolate sprinkles- it's heaven.

6. Current Favourite Candle?
I love candles especially during me time. I burn regular tea light candles, and I also like to burn cinnamon, spicy candles during this time of the year!!

7. Do you ever have outdoor me time?
I used to when I had my dog Lucy, but when she passed away I no longer have outdoor me time. I am more of a home girl so I don't have the need to go outdoors. The only time I do have that type of me time is shopping in town, that is a perfect me time! 

8. Would you ever go see a movie alone?
I don't think I would because I prefer watching movies at home being comfy and cosy, the only time I go to the movies is to have a nice time with a friend or my family.

9. Favourite Online Shop?
I don't do much online shopping in my me time, If I want to browse I like looking through the Superdrug, Boots and Selfridge's website. Ikea and Ebay but in my me time I am obsessed with looking through Pinterest! It's so therapeutic for me.

10. Anything to add? What else do you do during me time?
I do a candle lit bubble bath, face mask and hair mask, watch movies and I love organising my makeup and skincare drawers and my bedroom. Organising is so therapeutic for me. I also scroll through twitter, instagram and play candy crush, temple run and any other apps and games. I also love doing the Relax, sleep well meditation app by Glenn Harrold before bed, that makes me feel super sleepy, super calm and de stressed.

That is the me time tag complete I hope you enjoyed reading and getting to know what I do for my me time, I tag everybody! xo

  1. hey great tag Kim and good answers! I will do mine shortly :) xxx

    1. aw thank you, i look forward to reading your answers xo

  2. enjoyed a lot reading this post <3

    1. aw thank you! glad you liked it x

  3. Would u like to follow each other?
    follow me via gfc and i will follow u back for sure (gfc)


    1. Yes sure, I will have a look now xo

  4. I am also obsessed with Pinterest!! I find I'm on it for hours without even knowing!
    I love your blog xx

    1. Its so good, I know the time passes so quick when your browsing through it, aw thanks for stopping by girly xx


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