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Hello, Welcome back! Let me just start off by saying I spend some money and went on a splurge shopping treat well let's say retail therapy. I bought a lot of things so I'm splitting my haul in sections... The first one is a LUSH haul. Me and my old best friend LUSH! I love lush, the scent of that shop, the friendly, helpful staff and the amazing products. I used up all of my lush bath treats, skin products, everything! till the last bit. So I was left Lushless ( ha ) that means going out and buying more to start a new lush stash. I hope you enjoy reading and keep your eye balls open for more hauls from me!! xo


 Ocean Salt.
This is one I had before, used it up and had to get another one! This is a Sea salt scrub for your face and body. A fabulous exfoliate it gives you, it's great for all skin types. It has sea salt which is amazing for acne and also cleanses and tones the skin, seaweed, coconut oil , organic lime and avocado butter which is good for dry skin to moisturise, soften and refresh. It helps with blocked pores, blackheads, acne and basically gives you a fantastic exfoliation removing dead skin cells, grub and dirt leaving your skin clean, clear and super soft and moisturised.

Mask Of Magnaminty.
Another one I loved, used all up and had to buy another one. I actually needed this a few nights ago and didn't have it so I am so glad I have it back in my life. The scent of this mask is intense but amazing, very minty/peppermint. This mask has got marigold and chlorophllin to treat the skin for any eruptions/breakouts, honey to moisturise and antiseptic and edukie beans and primrose seeds to gently exfoliate and of course peppermint to stimulate. When you apply the mask you look like you belong in them old movies with the green face mask- its great. Not forgetting the tightness and pulling out the oil, dirt and bacteria from your skin. It's a great mask, very popular and highly recommend!

Bath Bombs:

Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb
Now there is a story behind this little bath bomb. I used this last year and was disappointed. It just turned my water purple and that was it, no sounds, no moisturising milky water, no colours nothing just purple water. BUT reading blog posts, reviews and some youtube reviews people seem to like this bath bomb, so maybe I was being picky that night and need to try it again, maybe I want the purple water, basically I wanted to try it again, because the scent sucked me in OK! Damn you Lavender! I also noticed the bath bomb looked different from last year. This says it has coloured polka dots that float to the surface making your bath a pastel island in the water ( fun or what! ) Then here come the scents... Lavender oil ( yes you can smell that, so beautiful ) Sweet benzoin and tonka. It says that the scent is like the bath bomb twilight, which I also love. So with all that description, youtube and blog post reviews and the amazing, sweet and soft scents I had to give this pud bath bomb another go! 

This is another must have lush product for me. Especially around this weather/time of the year. Cinders has you feeling like you're sitting with blankets, all comfy and cosy with a hot chocolate listening and watching the fire crackling. Yes all that from a bath bomb, impressive! This bath bomb has pop rocks on the top of it, so when you plonk this baby in it pops, and crackles just like the sound of a fire. The scent of this bath bomb? I'd say cinnamon and spice and very warm and perfect. 

I don't think I have had this bath bomb before, I can't actually remember I have been through that many. This is another perfect bath time treat for this time of the year, This is for dry, sensitive or irritated skin. It's vanilla and coco butter with Ylang ylang. So you can imagine how calm and sweet and yummy this smells. When you plonk this in the bath your bath will be creamy, buttery and moisturising. With the Ylang Ylang you will feel super calm, de stressed and relaxed. This bath bomb is just basically a moisturising, milky, silky, creamy, treat for me and my skin and I will do a review on this when I have used it.

Bubble Bars:

Magic Wand
I have never used this, I seen it last year I think but never picked it up. First it's the cutest thing ever, it's a pink star on a stick and I think its adorable. Snow fairy is my all time favourite sweet smell from lush and this magic wand makes snow fairy scented bubbles!!!!! Since snow fairy is the most popular fragrance they decided to make this bubble bar for the fans of the snow fairy. You swish the wand in your bath and it makes bubbles that smell like snow fairy, then you can pop it somewhere to dry out so you can get several bath uses out of this magic wand. Oh I am so excited to use this and I will do review! 

Christmas Eve
I used this last Christmas eve, exactly on Christmas eve because I had to! It felt right. I loved it so much that this year I had to buy it again. Firstly it looks super relaxing and calm. This is filled with ylang ylang and jasmine. It is a moon shaped bubble bar that you crumble under running water, it turns your bath a calming blue and makes bubbles and a moisturising milky water and a calm, relaxed scent. This is perfect for Christmas eve, when your all excited and can't sleep, plonk this in your bath and your mind will relax and slow down.

The Comforter.
Every single time I walk into LUSH I pick up this old favourite of mine.  The comforter and what a perfect name for it, because it does exactly that- comforts! It smells sweet and soft and it makes the softest, frothiest, best, sweet, smelling bubbles that comfort you and your tired or run down body and mind. It's also a huge bubble bar so you can get a lot of bath uses out of it. You break a piece off and crumble it under running water, then you relax and let the comforter comfort you. 

That is everything I bought from LUSH. I will do reviews on some of the products and I will be back with another haul in a few days... xo
  1. Great LUSH haul Kim! I love all the products you got today what better way to treat yourself cant go wrong with LUSH :) xx


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