My relaxing Halloween night in! ★♥

Happy Halloween! I hope everyone is having a nice Halloween night. Since I don't trick or treat anymore, I am not going to any events or parties I am going to be doing a relaxing, pamper, Halloween night in! I am going to just tell you girlies all about my little relaxing night in. I hope you enjoy reading! ox

Pampering my face.
I am using the Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser. This is packed full of goodness and essential oils so it is perfect for this type of night. I massage this into my dry skin then I take a hot wash cloth and press it onto my face. I love doing this because the heat from the wash cloth pressed against my skin feels so soothing. I do this about 3 times then I wipe away the cleanser.

Ex foliate!
For pamper nights I love to really go the extra step with ex foliating. I am using Philosophy Micro-Delivery Peel. This is a two step process, the first step is the vitamin c/peptide crystals. I massage this into my skin gently for 60 seconds. This feels amazing, very ex foliating and you just know it's getting rid of any dirt and dead skin. Then the 2nd step is massaging the lactic/Salicylic acid activating gel on top of the crystals. This turns to a white foam and I get a warming sensation. I leave this on for 2-3 minutes then rinse well.

After a deep exfoliation I like to sooth and hydrate my skin. So tonight I am using the Clarins HydraQuench cream mask. This is a super rich intense hydration for my skin.  Its a luxurious cream mask, that get's left on for about 10-15 minutes.

Relax, Take a bath!
Now my face is ready and getting pampered. I like to run a bath, but not just any bath I make it a little relaxing sanctuary.

Candles, Comfort and Bubbles!
I set my candles the way I want them then light them. I then grab towels and put one on the bath for my head to rest. I grab a book, wine or hot drink and a cooling eye mask and put that next to me. I then run my bath and add a few drops of the Clarins relax bubble bath with essentials oils. This smells like a relaxing spa and makes soft bubbles. I then add a few drops of baby oil to add some moisture to my bath and to make my skin feel baby soft. I then get in my bath, relax, read, put on my cooling eye mask and soak! Then once I have soaked and relaxed ( 1 hour later ) I hop into the shower.

Shampoo and Mask!
Firstly I wash off my face mask, Then I brush my hair getting rid of any tangles and apply my macadamia rejuvenating shampoo. Then I apply the Macadamia deep repair mask and put my hair into a bobble while I do the rest of the things I need to do. 

Scrub, Wash, Shave.
I like to ex foliate my body to get rid of any dead skin and just give it a full clean. I am using the Soap and glory Scrub of your life. I love this its perfect without being too harsh or scratchy. I then wash my body with the Victoria's Secret pure seduction body wash. This smells fruity, sexy and a little spice. It's a warm fragrance I'd say. I then shave and I mix into a little container baby oil, conditioner and a tiny bit of shaving cream. This makes my skin super soft, no cuts and no rashes and I have a closer shave. I then wash out my mask out of my hair and dry myself with a soft towel.

Lotion, Pjs and soft socks!
Now I am out of the shower and dry, I like to apply my body lotion I am using the pure seduction lotion because I used the body wash I like to pair my scents, and I am also spraying the pure seduction body mist. Then I like to put on my pjs, on pamper nights we all do it, find the comfiest baggiest pjs! Now I like to pamper my feet so I massage the Soap and Glory heel genius into my feet and then I apply Vaseline and massage that in my feet. The foot cream and Vaseline will pamper, hydrate and take care of any dryness on my feet. Then goes on the softest fluffy socks!

Back to my face!
So now I have finished with my body things I like to go back to my face and take care of that for the night. So first I tone my face, I am using the Olay refreshing toner with a round cotton pad. Next I apply my Mario Badescu Ceramide eye gel. This is soothing, cooling and hydrating! I am going to really hydrate my skin tonight, so I apply Balm Balm 100% organic rosehip serum and then my Mario Badescu Seaweed night cream. My skin is going to feel baby soft, hydrated and look amazing tomorrow morning!

Making my bedroom relaxing.
Since tonight I am spending my night in my bedroom I like to set that relaxing mood. I light my candles, turn on my lights above my window and the twig lights. I then turn my light on above my bed which is a mood changing light bulb which I have a little remote to control which light I want or if I want it on a sequence setting. Then I get my pillows and blankets ready on my bed. Now I have created a little, relaxing bedroom.

What to do with my Hair?
Most of my pamper nights I will pamper my hair by flick blow drying it and adding rollers, but tonight I am just going to blast dry it and add 3 pumps of the macadamia oil to my ends. My hair does not need to be done for the next day and less heat I use the better right?

Now I pamper my hands, everything has to be pampered during a pamper night otherwise what is the point, have to do it all! First I apply the Soap and Glory hand food which smells so good and feels super hydrating. Then I apply Beauty UK nail hardener then since it's Halloween I am going to get in the spirit and paint my nails with the Maybelline color show in downtown red. This is a blood red and I love it! For a top coat I use my holy grail out the door fast drying top coat. Now I head downstairs. 

Food and drink.
For a pamper night you have to have goodies and good snacks you enjoy so I am going to have Maltesers, Some MaryLand big and chunky white choc chip brownie cookies and some cheese puff crisps. For drinks I am going to make a chocolate milkshake and bring up some Pepsi Max Cherry Coke( Addicted to this can't help it )

Movie Night!
Bringing up my little picnic to my cosy, relaxing bedroom I now have a little movie night. I get all snug and cosy in my bed and put on some good movies. So since it's Halloween I am going to be watching Insidious my all time favourite scary movie, then lost boys my all time favourite funny vampire movie and then end on a really good film Hocus Pocus my all time favourite Halloween movie. What a good movie night with yummy snacks and drinks!

Apps, Games,Books and goodnight!.
After my fabulous movie night I will just go on my tablet for a little bit look through instagram and twitter, catch up on any Youtube Videos then have a couple of games of Candy Crush my little addiction in life and since its Halloween I have to play Subway Surfers because it's all Halloween themed for Halloween. Then I like to go and brush my teeth and ex foliate my lips I am using Lush Bubble Gum Lipscrub a yummy little gem for your lips and then applying the Palmers dark chocolate and peppermint lip butter which is another chocoholics little gem. Now I get back into bed and have a little read of a book I am currently reading Jennifer Love Hewitt the day I shot cupid a fabulous, funny book of hers she is my favourite actress. Then blow out my candles, turn my lights off and that is my relaxing Halloween night in! yay

I hope you enjoyed knowing what I am doing tonight for my little relaxing Halloween night in. I sure will have a lovely night in. This is much more better than going out to parties, it's safer, comfy and pampering. Have a safe, good, Halloween night everyone! xo

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