A few of my favourite things this month! ♥

Welcome back. So since this lovely October month is nearly over I am going to let you in on the products/things that have kept me happy this month. Hope you enjoy reading!xo

Mary-Lou Manizer- The Balm.
This beauty has been keeping my cheekbones highlighted. Mary-Lou is a perfect all in one shadow, highlight and blush. The light reflecting peachy pink gives a lovely colour to my cheeks and the pink undertone with illumination adds a beautiful highlight as well as the gorgeous, soft, shimmer for eye shadow.. This is super pigmented and super soft, giving my cheekbones a beautiful pinky glow that makes my highlight look beautiful when light hits it.

Hepcat Eye shadow- MAC.
This eye shadow is a beautiful plum colour and I have been loving this under my lower lash line and in my crease. I have been loving it with a natural look on the lid, or something dark and Smoky. I also like to wear a plum lipstick or lip gloss, because I only have the hepcat in my crease and lower lash line it complements the lipstick.

Nude pink matte eye shadow- Clarins.
Everyone should own this, if you have a pink undertone in your skin. This is a nude beige very natural and nude with pink undertones to it. It's a perfect crease shade, beautiful to blend and very pigmented.

Butter yourself Body Butter- Soap and Glory.

Oh this scent is just Perfection and a slice of heaven. I am obsessed with this body butter, never mind how creamy and hydrating and luxurious it is, The scent gets me every time.  The way it makes my skin feel is incredible, so soft and luxurious and smelling beautiful. Would have to write a whole paragraph on how I feel about this body butter.

HydraQuench Cream mask- Clarins.
Hydration is all we need this time of year and this mask is a little gem for my face. It's a soft cream mask that you leave on for 10-15 minutes. In the time your waiting you don't feel any tightness, or any feeling just soothing. Which I like because my skin is not always up for tightening and pulling. It says to take the mask off with your toner and a cotton pad. This is the best part, my skin feels so soothed and it's very relaxing taking the mask off this way. My skin feels baby soft, super hydrated and looks healthier. You can moisturise to give your skin that extra boost of hydration or serum.

Gentle Skin Cleanser- Cetaphil.
I can't live without this product, when my skin freaks out and my acne is erupting I use this and it settles my skin so much. It is soap free, fragrance free and non comedogenic. I apply it to my dry skin massaging it in, then I take a hot wash cloth and wipe it away. It takes off every speck of make-up, dirt, oil, bacteria anything nasty in your skin.  Its super gentle, so gentle you can use it on babies. After a few days of using it, it clears my skin, settles it and cleans it. I 100& recommend this to anyone. 

Seaweed night cream- Mario Badescu.
Since we are in that time of the year were hydration is a must. I am using a little bit thicker night creams. This seaweed night cream hydrates the skin overnight, it's a bit heavier than a light cream and it's so luxurious and creamy. It's good for skin types that are prone to acne and clogging. When I wake up the next day my skin feels luxurious and smooth, and very hydrated.  Flaky bits on my skin have gone and my acne has been soothed. 

Divergent- Movie.
I watched this movie a few weeks back and it was so good, it kept me hanging off my seat and I was really into the movie. It was action and a few funny bits. I think four is gorgeous so it's some eye candy in the movie. I loved it, recommend watching it. Oh and I read the books and I loved them they are in my top 5. 

Hocus Pocus- Movie.
Of course Hocus pocus kept me happy during October. I love this movie, It's so funny and gives me feel good vibes. It's perfect for Halloween. I only watch hocus pocus in October because it is a Halloween movie and you have them movies you watch only around Christmas and this is a movie I watch only around October. So sad to see it go for another year! Hocus Pocus for sure kept me smiling!

Tears in the ocean- Jay Sean.
He always brings out the best songs, and of course I love his new song Tears in the ocean. I'm always listening to it, and sometimes on replay.

Jay Sean following me on twitter!!!!.
Speaking of Jay Sean,  He followed me this month on the 18th.  This made my October since I am a huge fan of Jay Sean and have been for years. I feel like my two wishes are complete now, Enrique Iglesias Followed me and Jay Sean, Just need Trey Songz now!!

Candy Crush- Game!
I am massively late on this but I am OBSESSED with candy crush. I even have my mum addicted. If you are late like me, I suggest you play it. It gets you addicted real quick, So that has been keeping me very happy during October.

So that is a few things that has kept me happy in October! Not that much but that is because I'm trying out a few products. I hope you enjoyed reading! xo 

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