A little Autumn Tag!!★

Boo! So since Halloween is nearly here, I thought I would make up my own question tag in the spirit of Halloween and Autumn. I hope you enjoy and please feel free to do this tag yourself I would love to read your answers :-)

1. On a scale of 1-10 how happy are you that it is Autumn?
I am a 10. Oh I love this time of the year, Its perfect! 

2. What is your Favourite candle scent for this season?
Anything spicy and warm I love. Like cinnamon or sandalwood Always reminds me of the Autumn/Winter

3. Coffee, Tea or Hot chocolate?
I drink all three so this is hard. I would pick hot chocolate just because you dig out the hot chocolates during these months now. You get all snug in your blankets and grab a hot chocolate. 

4. Your best Autumn Memory?
My best memory would be going the park with my dog Lucy. Who sadly passed away 15/2/2012. She would run around and into the leaves and I miss that so much just seeing her bouncing in the pile of leaves and coming towards you with a big sloppy tongue.

5. Dark lips or neutral?
Dark lips for sure! I love wearing dark reds and purples and yes dark lips for sure.

6. Best Autumn perfume?
Victoria's Secret pure seduction. This scent is slightly fruity but more spice and warmth. It is perfect for these months. Also Beyonce heat perfume is another spicy, warm fragrance.

7. Best movie to watch during this time?
Hocus Pocus. I have watched this movie already about 6 times. It makes me laugh, feel good and it's a good movie that I never get tired of watching. 

8. Best song to play during this time?
I love to play I put a spell on you from the Hocus pocus movie it puts me in a good mood. See I love Hocus Pocus I even love the songs ( ha-ha)

9. Top three nail varnish colours to wear during the Autumn?
My top three colours are a blood red, Deep purple and Dark blue.

10. Do you still trick or treat?
I don't trick or treat anymore and I do miss it because it was fun being little, getting dressed up in scary outfits and basically getting free sweets and chocolates.

11. What is your all time favourite scary movie?
Insidious! I get so excited when I have a movie night and I watch Insidious. It's scary and hanging off your seat. Insidious 1 and 2 and I can't wait till the 3rd one comes out. Insidious is by far my number 1 best scary movie. 

12. Best Halloween costume you wore?
For some reason I was always a witch. So I would have to say that. Oh I think one year for school I went as a pirate that was fun!

13. What witch would you be if you could pick out of a movie or tv show?
I'd like to be one of the witches from Charmed. I loved watching that tv series.

14. If you could bring back 2 celebrities from the dead for a whole day who would you bring back?
I'd bring back Michael Jackson. We lost such a talented, amazing man. I would love to spend a whole day with him and learn things about him and his stories. I think that would be amazing. I would also bring back Rik Mayall. He made me laugh and crack up so many times while watching the tv series Bottom, I also watched some of his interviews. He was so down to earth and had me laughing so much. I think spending a whole day with him would be hilarious.

15. Tell us your plans for this Halloween night?
I'm going to be doing a spa, pamper, movie night since I don't dress up and trick or treat anymore. So I will watch Hocus Pocus and have a spa night :-)

16. Best Halloween nail art( from yourself or the internet)?
That would have to be my mum's Halloween/Goth nail art and her glowy ghost nail art. She blows me away with her nail art. I can't tell you how proud I am of her. So of course I want to show her beautiful talent off to the world. http://sassylittlenails37.blogspot.co.uk/

  1. Great tag Kim! I have done my tag here xx http://sassylittlenails37.blogspot.co.uk/2014/10/a-little-autumn-tag.html

    1. Aw thank you. I had a good read of yours. thank you for doing my tag :-) xx


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