I'd like to introduce you to my girls... Mary, Betty and Cindy!♥

The Balm cosmetics have created three wonderful ladies who have brought, shimmer, shadow, bronze and a beautiful glow to my life. I am talking about Mary, Betty and Cindy- lou manizer. The three best highlighters in the world- in my opinion! These are so pretty and so pigmented- A little bit goes a long way. What I love about these ladies is you can also use them for an eyeshadow which I love because of the pigmentation you really get a beautiful shadow. You can also use one of them for a bronzer or a highlight or an eyeshadow.  I thought of doing this post since for my Birthday ( 29th September ) I was kindly giving as a gift Cindy-Lou which completed my collection. So I can now talk about my three amazing ladies! Can I also add the packaging- oh adorable! A* TheBalm.  So Let's meet my girls... ;)

 This is a universal highlight, shimmer and shadow. Everybody can wear this and rock it. Mary-Lou diffuses light so your skin looks softer with a natural glow. Like I have said the pigmentation is amazing, so if your wanting more of an intense highlight you will get it. If you're looking for a natural more softer highlight you will also get it, just go lighter with your brush or finger! This highlight is a perfect vanilla shade with golden speckles. As a highlight it creates the most beautiful glow. Wearing Mary-Lou as an eyeshadow creates a beautiful vanilla, shimmer. 

Betty-Lou is my gal for shadow! She gives my eyeshadow and brown eyes a pop and brings them to life. Betty-Lou is an all in one bronzer, highlight and eyeshadow. She has the perfect bronzy, golden brown shade. I love wearing this as an eyeshadow in the crease or on the lid.  I don't wear her as a highlight or bronzer just because for my light/fair skin it looks out of place. Betty-Lou would be perfect on tanned/darker complexion ladies, She will create a beautiful bronze/golden sun kissed glow! 

Cindy-Lou has just entered my life on my Birthday and I love her! She is all in one shadow, highlight and blush. Cindy-Lou is much more natural and softer than Mary and Betty. She gives a natural, amazing, glow to the skin. The light reflecting peachy pink hue adds a lovely colour to your cheeks for a blush. The illumination and pink undertone adds a beautiful highlight and the amazing shimmer for a perfect eye shadow.  If you want something more softer and not as intense for everyday Cindy-Lou is your gal! 

  1. great review Kim I love these 3 products also and I am glad you love the Cindy-lou to finish off the set :) xx

  2. Great post, I'm liking the look of Mary-Lou and Betty-Lou :) x


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