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Welcome back! I thought I would do a different type of post on my blog. Like everybody I am into music. I love different artists and genres and I also love finding new music and seeing what other people like listening to and what artists they like. I thought it would be nice to do a little post on my blog which I will be telling you what music I have been loving. This can be old, new, different artists and genres.  Just something different to step away from the beauty part of my blog and also I think it's nice for other people to find new music. I hope you enjoy!

Trey Songz-

I have been obsessed with Trey Songz lately, So I went through spotify and listened to a lot of his songs, so here is some of my favourites.
  • ·         I need a girl
  • ·         Red Lipstick
  • ·         Can't be friends
  • ·         Can't help but wait
  • ·         Chapter V
  • ·         Dive in
  • ·         Fumble
  • ·         Gotta Go
  • ·         DoorBell
  • ·         What's best for you
  • Hollar if you need me

 Troye Sivan-

A youtuber who has become a little star! I watched Troye on Youtube and of course I now support him and his music. I have to say I love his voice and these are the songs I have been loving...
  • ·         Happy Little Pill
  • ·         Touch
  • ·         Gasoline

  • Therapy
  • Up Down
  • Can't Believe it
Sky Blue-

  • Salud 
  • Pop Bottles
  • Go on Girl
RayJ -

  • One Wish
  • Sexy Can I
  • I hit it first
Keyshia Cole-

  • She 
  • Shoulda Let you go
  • Let it go
  • Won't give my heart away
  • Got to get my heart back
Kelly Rowland-

  • Red Wine
  • You changed
  • Dirty Laundry
  • ICE
  • Down for whatever
Enrique Iglesias -

Of course I had to mention my husband... I wish, let me dream! PS:  He followed me on twitter 15/11/13
  • Heart Attack
  • There goes my baby
  • Push
  • Ring my bells
  • I like it
  • I like how it feels
  • One day at a time
  • Do you know
  • Dirty Dancer
  • bailando

Oh my goodness! I have been obsessed with Drake for a while now.
  • Make me proud
  • Shot for me
  • Doing it wrong
  • The motion
  • The Language 
  • Connect
  • Own it
  • Furthest Thing
  • Started from the bottom
So that is all for now, I hope you enjoyed this post. Its different and can be helpful if your on the look out for songs to listen to. Xx

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