Review: Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb!♥

So last year I bought the Luxury lush pud bath bomb from lush, and was sadly disappointed when I plonked it in my tub! I did a honest review which I will link HERE: This year, before going on my shopping trip I noticed some of my favourite youtubers mentioning this bath bomb, I decided to look up reviews and also read the lush website description. It sucked me in and I had to try it out for a 2nd time because I also noticed the bath bomb looked different from last year and the reviews were pretty outstanding. So my thoughts, opinions and honest review on this luxury lush pud bath bomb...

The way this bath bomb looks has you sold already. It's so pretty and interesting and colourful because of all the colour spots around the bath bomb. Also it's a nice festive touch to this time of the year because of the holly design on the top. Oh the scent of this bath bomb is beautiful, very calm and sweet and soft very much like the bath bomb twilight. I plonked this colourful lush pud bath bomb in my bath and WOW...

I was stunned! I had to call my mum and dad in to let them see it. My water was turning all these bright, pastel, colours looking like a beautiful, pastel, colourful, island, it was so cool! The colours were so vibrant and colourful it kept me happy and satisfied throughout my whole bathtime along with the beautiful, relaxing, scent of ylang ylang and lavender oils which helped me stay relaxed and soothed and very happy.

Once the bath bomb fizzed out, my water was a rose pink colour with swirls of the amazing pastel colours floating around. Frothy, soft and small bubbles were formed and sitting on top of the bubbles were tiny speckles of shimmer and a silky, soft bath water was surrounding me moisturising my body. The aroma of the ylang ylang and lavender oils still lingered and smelling beautiful. I was in a colourful, relaxing heaven in my bath tub! It was not at all disappointing and not at all anything like last year. So I think I either got a bad bath bomb or lush changed it, but it certainly has changed my opinion to a happy, satisfied one!

When I got out the bath my body was not baby soft, but felt silky and smooth which I liked. I did not get any shimmer on my skin from the tiny shimmers on the bubbles which was a plus because I'm not a fan of glitter from bath bombs on my skin. The soft scent was also slightly on my body, which I also enjoyed and I felt super happy. That bath bomb made me feel happy and just really relaxed and in a happy place.

This bath bomb is beautiful and crazy, and makes you feel relaxed and happy and also the colours just amaze you! All the lovely things in this bath bomb like the tiny shimmer, soft and frothy bubbles, silky water and the amazing soothing smell will make a lovely bath time treat for anyone!! I love this bath bomb- yay!!!!

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