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Hello and welcome back to my blog. Today I am going to share my tips and what I do to achieve a glowy, dewy and hydrated skin. This can be for everyday or when your exhausted and your skin is looking very dull, very tired and de hydrated.  My skin has become more dry than oily so these steps have been working really well for me, but if your not dry you can use these steps for when you have not had the best night sleep because that always affects the skin and thankfully there are steps to bring the skin back to life.

My first step is to cleanse and moisturise my skin. Cleansing the skin is going to refresh, hydrate and help with the dullness. I like to use Purity by Philosophy this really gives my skin a clean but does not dry my skin out, it puts moisture back in. I also like this because it PH balances and makes my skin feel soft.  I like to splash my skin with cold water after cleansing to refresh and close up my pores. Applying a moisturiser is very important when you're tired or trying to achieve dewy skin. It gives the skin its moisture it needs and locks it in and it helps your make-up lay beautifully on the skin. If you need to waken up your eyes, try putting something cold under them like cucumbers or spoons that have been in the refrigerator or a cold, gel, eye mask. This reduces puffiness and feels very refreshing on tired eyes. I then suggest applying eye cream. To add a little more hydration to the skin spray a facial spray, this adds more hydration and feels very nice and refreshing. 

Now my face is moisturised and feels refreshed I am ready to make my skin look glowing and alive with my make-up. It's all about the hydration so I apply a dewy primer. Not only will the  dewy primer help your make-up stay in place and last all day, it's going to add moisture and give a healthy glow to the skin. If you are oily you can use this step, but just have a matte foundation or set your foundation with a matte powder. On days were you want a dewy look, or your exhausted you really want to be using a foundation that is going to give you a glow and luminosity because a hydrating foundation is really going to make you look fresh and awake and your dull skin brighter. I love using the L'oreal True match Lumi foundation, because it gives my skin a beautiful healthy, fresh, awakened, glowy, dewy finish. 

Next step is to make the eyes look awake and brighter. The first thing I do is take my beauty blender sponge and get it wet under the tap, squeeze it out and put it in a towel. Instead of applying my concealer with my normal brush I like to use a damp beauty blender on these types of days because it's hydration to the eyes and feels very refreshing. To conceal my under eye bags, puffiness, redness, lines and to bright up my under eye I use the Garnier anti dark circle Eye roll on. This is enriched with caffeine and lemon essence so it's going to help the under eye situation if you are sleepy because you have not had a good night sleep. I also put this on points on my face that I want to bring light to, to make my skin more glowing and brighter. If you want to, you could use a banana, yellow based powder to set the under eyes and points you highlighted because that will not only set it in place but give a more bright affect. Also If you are oily I would suggest using a matte powder to set your make-up.

To warm up the face and give the skin some colour, I like to use Benefit Hoola Bronzer. This is very natural with no glitter or shimmer. I like to use a matte bronzer so the skin is not over glowing/highlighted and it's just adding contour and a warmth to my skin.  I like to apply this on my temples, cheekbones and under my jaw line. I also blend this into my crease with a big fluffy crease brush to warm up the eyes and give the eyes dimension. If you don't want to contour, but give your skin warmth you can just take the bronzer on a big fluffy brush and brush it under the cheekbones and forehead.  This step is not about glowy or dewy skin but more warmth and life to the skin! For a blush I like to use something with a pink tone and some shimmer or highlight. I love the Sleek blushes because most of them have a highlight affect which brightens up the face and the pink tones make us look more alive and naturally glowing.

Now for the highlighting. First I like to highlight my brow bone and inner corner of my eyes with a creamy white. Placing this under the brow bone gives the illusion of having more space between your crease and brows making your eyes appear more open. Placing a white on the inner tear duct is also going to make your eyes appear more open and awake.
Then I highlight my cheekbones with The Balm MaryLouManizer. This is a vanilla, shimmer, glowing, highlight that glows and brightens up the face very naturally. When the light hits Marylou she glows! It's honestly a beautiful highlight that I recommend if you are wanting a dewy, glowing, natural highlight. I also swoop this on my chin, cupids bow and centre of my nose to add more highlight/glow. If you want more of a pink tone highlight I suggest The Balm CindyLouManizer. Cindy is a champagne highlight with pink undertones. She will naturally highlight and bring warmth and glow to your skin. 

For more hydration and to set my make-up in place I use a make-up setting spray. This also gives a dewy finish to the skin. For the base that is how I achieve brighter, glowing skin. To make the skin look more glowing, and for you to look more awake and beautiful on tired days I would suggest putting a shimmery eye shadow on your eyes to bring attention and a more awake affect rather than using a matte eye shadow which has no glow or shine. I would also suggest using a pink, rose shade on the lips paired with a gloss to give the glowing, glossy affect. These steps helps the make-up look come together and helps the glowing, dewy affect your going for come full circle.  

That is my tips and what I do to achieve this look and to help my skin look more brighter and not so dull when I am so sleepy. I think everyone has their own way of figuring out what their skin needs and has ways of doing so. If you are more oily then just using a matte primer, foundation, powder will help your oily skin but using a glowing highlight and a shimmery eye shadow on the lid paired with a pink tone lipstick and a gloss can make a glowing affect to your skin but still benefit your oily skin type. I hope you enjoyed reading and I hope this blog post was helpful. 

  1. great post Kim good info for skin care :) xx

  2. This is a great post, thanks for sharing your link with me on Twitter! I love a good setting spray.


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