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Hello and welcome back to my blog. Today I am going to be talking about products that are my beauty secret products. These are the products that are my tried and true, I could not live without and these products make a big difference in a little amount of time. What are your beauty secret products?

Dry Shampoo- Batiste
This stuff is a shower in a bottle! if you wake up late, or your don't have enough time or you just want to go that extra day without washing your hair but you have a greasy mess on your head. Dry Shampoo steps in and becomes the saviour. All you do is spray throughout your hair, let it sit, brush it out and if you need to rub it in and you then have refreshed, gorgeous hair and the grease is gone. I also find this dry shampoo gives a good amount of volume to the hair which is a bonus. Nobody will know you have not washed your hair because your hair looks so clean and fresh. 

Macadamia healing treatment oil.
Using an oil for your hair is great for everyday, but especially on the days you really need it. When I style my hair I do like to add a little bit of the healing oil to my ends and whatever is left on my hand I just smooth out the top of my hair but on days when I have gone that extra day without washing obviously the top part of my head is greasy but the ends get dry. So I use my dry shampoo then I take a pump of the Macadamia healing treatment oil and smooth it on the ends of my hair. This softens my ends, adds a shine, smooths and adds a lovely scent to my hair. I find having a good oil that is going to treat and smooth and soften the hair is a beauty secret product!

Beauty Blender sponge.
I am a beauty blender fan! I think it's the best tool to use for make-up. I get it wet under running water, squeeze out the water and dry it with a towel so it's a little bit damp. Then I like to blend out my concealer. Using the beauty blender damp is going to take away any excess product, give hydration to the under eye and it blends it out perfectly. I will also use this sometimes to shear out foundation, so with the sponge being damp if I apply my foundation it is going to shear out the foundation, and take away the " cake face " look if you have gone a little too heavy handed. Another way I like to use my beauty blender is to touch up my make-up during the day. I like to press the beauty blender on the areas where my make-up has moved, or settled and the beauty blender really does help and blend my make-up. I think this little sponge really is perfect to creating flawless make-up.  

Highlighter- MUA undress your skin highlighter.
When I am doing my make-up apart from the eyes, I get so excited when its time to pick out a highlighter to apply to my cheekbones, nose, cupids bow, brow bone and chin. I think it's the glow, and  luminosity a highlight gives just brings the make-up to a beautiful finish. I do have my favourite highlighter which is Maryloumanizer by the Balm but I wanted to talk about my new obsession and its very cheap. The Mua undress your skin highlighter. It's a lightweight powder that transforms your complexion with a beautiful, natural, glow. I think the secret to not letting your skin look dull and dry looking is to apply a natural looking highlight. This highlight gives such a pearl essence to the skin, and looks very natural like your glowing from within and it looks as though your skin is very hydrated and healthy. 

Liz Earle Brightening Treatment Mask.
This mask is my secret to hydrated, brighter, healthier, softer skin and the best part it can take up to 30 seconds or 2 minutes. This mask brightens, softens and makes the skin radiant, glowing and clear. This mask dries in super quick so if you have somewhere to go and you want your skin to look healthy and brighter you can apply this before you start getting ready, get your outfit ready, after 30 seconds or 2 minutes take a hot cloth and wipe away the mask and you are left with super clean, refreshed, brighter, healthier, smooth, clear and hydrated skin. This is my secret product that makes such a difference in my skin very quickly. In my last post I reviewed this product along with other Liz Earle products.  

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion.
We all get them times when we wake up, look in the mirror and what do we see? A pimple on our face!!!!! This is my secret to treating the spot, hiding it and dealing with it quickly. The Mario Badescu Drying lotion is amazing and everybody needs this, It is a zit zapper! It is an effective, acne spot treatment that shrinks and treats whiteheads and pimples. This is more effective as an overnight treatment but it works just as well in the day under make-up. I apply a very thin layer of it onto the pimple and leave it to dry. Then I can apply my make-up over it and you cannot see the drying lotion or the pimple, it is completely hidden. If I apply this at night-time I like to apply more of a thicker layer and leave it overnight, let it do its job and by morning my spot is gone! No I am not joking, it is amazing and a beauty secret for sure!

OraBrush Tongue Cleaner.
Bad breath! It is the most unattractive thing to have but we all experience it and have to remove it! Did you know up to 90% of bad breath comes from the odour generating residue on our tongues? So after brushing and flossing I like to use my OraBrush tongue cleaner to make sure my breath is completely fresh and any stinky bacteria that is on my tongue is gone. The Orabrush removes residue, deep cleans the tongue loosening   the bacteria. The soft bristles on the brush reaches deep into the tongue grabbing every bit of bacteria then at the end of the bristles is a scrapper to collect and remove the residue and bacteria, curing the bad breath. I also have the Orabrush mild mint tongue foam. The foam is to be used with the brush and it helps to leave the mouth feeling refreshed, and protects the mouth from infections. I pump the foam onto the brush and gently brush my tongue a few times back and forth, as far back as I can go without gagging. I then bring the brush as far back as I can and brush it forward to scrape and remove. Then I rinse with mouthwash and my breath is so fresh and my mouth feels so much cleaner. Its the secret to removing bad breath and keeping your mouth free from germs. 

Collection Nail bright instant whiter nails.
I have a secret to making my nails look whiter, brighter and healthier. Sometimes when I have been wearing nail varnish my nails get dull and not as white, and kind of stained looking. Even when I have gone a long time without wearing nail varnish sometimes my nails can look dull and not very healthy. I apply two coats of the Collection Nail bright and my nails look whiter, brighter and the best part it looks so natural. No one would ever know you have applied a nail varnish. This is such a must have for anyone who needs to bring their nails back to life without anyone knowing you are using a product. I also find this strengthens my nails and makes them grow much faster but stronger.

That is my beauty secrets for this post. I hope you enjoyed reading and most of all I hope something in this post was helpful to you. Please let me know in the comments your products that you have as a secret beauty product. Xxxx 

  1. i ALSO LIKE THE mua highlighter it really does make a difference.As for the collection nail bright that is also a good product for nails and cheap too! great post kim xx

    1. Thank you! and I am glad you like the products as well. Very good beauty secrets. what is some of yours?x

  2. Batiste is my life saver, it was recently on offer in Tesco's so I stocked up on a few bottles. Might give the oil a go too!

    1. Thank you for stopping by! I agree, the dry shampoo is something we all need. And I would recommend using an oil for your hair because it really does make a difference. x

  3. I could never get on with dry shampoo, but will give this one a go. I also have the same sponge blender and love it! Will never use anything else now. Great post hun x

    1. Aw thank you Tracy and thank you for stopping by! Really? what was your problem with dry shampoo? Batiste really is the best brand of dry shampoo so I would recommend it :-) Thank you for your support! xo

  4. So many great products here! I am a huge fan of the beauty blender - I find that Batiste can be hit and miss, I love the wild one but the plain one does nothing for me.

    1. Aw thank you and thank you for stopping by! I am glad your also a beauty blender fan- can't do without one! xX

  5. I like how you can get dry shampoo for specific hair colours. I just can't get along with any dry shampoos unfortunately and have tried a few. My hair always looks as grubby as before haha.
    Hair oil has been always saviour especially as I've been travelling in Australia and the weather's dried out my hair. As I don't have a hairdryer I always out the oil in on wet hair so it's all shiny and a soft when it dries.

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