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Welcome back to my blog! As a skincare junkie, I love trying out all kinds of skincare products and all kinds of brands. Liz Earle has always been the one that I had on my MUST TRY list. I finally purchased my Liz Earle skincare set and this is what I have, and what I think of it all... after weeks of loving it.

Cleanse+Polish hot cloth cleanser.
I already have one of these but I love it that much I was so pleased it came in the set. This beauty is everyone's all time favourite. If you don't know about this gem of a product I will let you in on it. This is a cleanser that is formulated to work on every skin type and skin age, The ingredients are Eucalyptus, beeswax, rosemary, Chamomile, Essential oils and coco butter. The cleanser is a rich creamy texture but so soft and smells beautiful - like a soothing, spa! This is two phase cleanser, phase one is the cleansing part. I apply two pumps on my clean hands and then onto my dry make-up face. Sometimes I will remove my make-up then apply it. I then use circular movements all over my face. This is so relaxing because of the scent of the product, with all the essential oils and how amazingly soft it feels. If I am wearing make-up I will rub gently over my eyes. This step is to purify, soften and grab all that make-up and dirt. It's also going to stimulate the circulation because of the circular movements. Phase two is the Polish. I take the cloth it comes with an soak it in hot water. Then I take the cloth and wipe away the cleanser. This gently gets rid of dead skin cells and helps reveal clean, soft and brighter skin. The best part is the 2nd part because the hot water on the cloth makes it feel so soothing.  I can honestly say this takes away every speck of makeup including waterproof mascara and it leaves my skin feeling super soft and clean. Best cleanser!!!!

Gentle Face Exfoliator.

I have needed a good exfoliate because I have been having an issue with textured and dry skin and ever since using this it has really helped it to the point were my textured and dry skin is fading. The ingredients include Jojoba beads to gently buff away dead skin cells, Cocoa Butter and sweet almond oil to soften and moisturise  and Eucalyptus oil to purify. I apply this after my cleanse and polish, I apply it to clean, damp skin and gently massage it with my fingertips using circular movements. I concentrate it on my forehead, nose and cheek area because that is where I need the most buffing. This feels so nice, not at all harsh but very soothing and enjoyable. My skin afterwards feels very soft, and my dry skin has buffed away as well as the texture. I also feel like my skin can breathe and any clogged pores has gone. 

Brightening Treatment Mask.
After I rinse off the scrub I then pat dry my face and apply the brightening treatment mask. This mask includes camphor oil to stimulate, witch hazel to tone, Aloe Vera and white clay. This mask is for when you need to brighten up your skin and make it more radiant and revitalised and clear. I apply it to my skin and you can either leave it on for 30 seconds or 2 minutes. The best thing about this mask is it dries into the skin super quick so you don't have to wait long. I leave it on for 2 -5 minutes. While I am waiting I feel a slight tingling sensation which is normal because on the bottle it says you will feel some tingle. It makes my skin feel slightly tighter but super hydrated. When the time is up I soak a cloth in hot water and wipe away the mask. My skin looks amazing after the mask,  firstly it looks brighter and radiant as if I have drank loads of water, and had loads of sleep. My skin looks clear and hydrated and it feels clean, super soft and tighter. This mask is amazing even if you have some important thing in the day, you can apply this before you get ready and you look fabulous.

Instant Boost Skin Tonic.
After I have wiped away the mask and dried my skin I then like to tone. I love using this toner because of how it makes my skin feel and how spa like it smells. It is a floral, calming scent- so nice. This is a non drying toner that soothes, refreshes and brightens the skin and adds a fine layer of moisture. The ingredients include Aloe Vera to revitalise and soften, Calendula, Chamomile, Cucumber and Vitamin E to soothe and refresh the skin. I pour this onto a cotton pad and sweep over my face and neck. It feels so refreshing and soothing to my skin. It keeps my skin feeling soft and hydrated not to mention more brighter and alive.

EyeBright soothing eye lotion.
After my toner I love applying this soothing eye lotion. This wakes up eyes, soothes, and refresh while taking care of puffiness. This is non oily and suitable for sensitive eyes like mine.  The ingredients include Eye bright, Which hazel , Cornflower and Aloe Vera. I apply this on a cotton pad and press on my eyes, you can relax and leave it on for 5-10 minutes or just press it for a few seconds and wipe. This feels so relaxing, cooling, soothing and it wakes up my eyes. My puffiness and tired eyes has been taking care of and my eyes look awake and brighter. The best thing to wake up the eyes in the morning, and the best thing to soothe eyes in the night!

Skin Repair Moisturiser.
My favourite part of my skin care routine with my Liz Earle products is the moisturiser. This perfect moisturiser softens, smoothes, soothes, conditions and gives the skin a healthy glow.  The ingredients include Borage oil, Beta-Carotene, Vitamin E, Avocado Oils and Essential Oils.  The texture of the cream is rich, thick but soft and soaks in quick. I massage this onto my face and neck morning and night. This sinks into the skin quick and smells so nice. My skin feels very soft with it, and very taken care of. I love applying it of a morning because it gives my skin a brighter, awake, and hydrated feel and also gives it a natural glow. I also love applying it at night because it repairs my skin, gives it hydration, Leaves it feeling so soft and taken care of for the night. 

I am very impressed and happy with my products I purchased and I am so glad I have them. They each have made a difference in my skin, not only how it feels but how it looks. Worth every penny! 
  1. great post kim love the products myself! xx


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