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Hello everybody, Welcome back to my blog! Autumn is here... finally and I am so ready to do an autumn tag on my blog. Jacyln Hill on Youtube created the Fall Favourites tag so I thought I will do that and to put a spin on it I am also going to be doing some questions from the Sweater Weather Tag. I tag everybody to do this and I look forward to reading your answers!

Fall Favourites Tag:
1. Favourite Candle?
I love candles all year round and I love having different scents for different seasons. My favourite is when Autumn arrives I love burning Spicy and warm scents like cinnamon and spiced apple. I also love warm vanilla scents.

2. Favourite Lip Colour?
I picked my top four that I love wearing around Autumn. The first two are from Clarins. Clarins have gorgeous creamy, moisturising and rich formulas and great long lasting wear. The first shade is called Pink Ginger which is a reddy brown shade with a tint of pinky red. The next one is called Spicy Cinnamon and that is similar to pink ginger but darker and deeper. Its a mid toned brown with a slight burnt orange with a hint of a deep red, It basically screams Autumn. The next one is from Jordanna in the colour Plum Obsession which is matte pinky plum which is moisturising even though its matte with great staying power. The last one is a lipgloss from Soap and Glory The sexy mother pucker in the shade Charm Offensive which is a dusky mauve pink. 

3. Favourite Drink?
I love drinking the Cadburys Caramel hot chocolate, Its so chocolaty and hot chocolates are always a yes for Autumn and winter. I also love the Cadburys orange hot chocolate. Sometimes I like to add marshmallows and cream Mmmm. 

4. Favourite Blush?
I have picked out three blushes that I think is Autumn appropriate. The first is from MAC called Dame this is a dusty pink with a hint of warm and its perfect if you just want that soft flush to your cheeks. The next one is from Sleek in the colour pomegranate, This is a deep warm plum, berry, reddish with a pink sheen and warm copper undertones. Its so beautiful for Autumn and winter with all the warm tones and slight sheen. Sleek blushes are very pigmented so a light hand is essential! The last one is also by Sleek in the shade Rose Gold this is a warm rose gold, medium pink with a highlighted golden shimmer. Its perfect to get a warm colour on the cheeks with a warm glow.

5. Favourite Clothing Item?
I love wearing my black leather jacket with fur on the collar in Autumn/Winter. I also love boots and jumpers but most of all I LOVE wearing scarves! I feel they dress up any outfit and make you look put together and Autumn/Winter ready. I love circle scarves, Tartan, fuzzy, blanket, fur I love them all. Also soft fluffy bath robes and fluffy socks. 

6. Favourite Fall Movie?
I know I am not the only one who has a love for Hocus Pocus during this time of year. It feels so right when this time falls around and you are watching Hocus Pocus. I also love Mary-Kate and Ashley's Double Double Toil and Trouble. When I was a kid I loved that movie during Halloween! 

7. Favorite Fall TV Show
I would say Once Upon A Time because Season 5 has just come out on Netflix. I love Once Upon A Time its so gripping and if you have never watched it give it a try. I also am going to try and watch Scandal on Netflix because I have heard everyone rave about it and I have not yet seen it. 

8. Favourite Thanksgiving Food ( Or Christmas Dinner/Roast dinner food for non thanksgiving people )
Since I am from the UK we don't have a thanksgiving so I changed it to Christmas dinner food or roast dinner. I love Roast Potatoes, Little Sausages wrapped in bacon and honey roasted parsnips. Mmmmm!

9. Favorite Halloween Costume
When I was a kid I was always a Witch so that was my favourite. One Year I dressed up as a pirate that was cute I had a parrot teddy on my shoulder. 

Sweater Weather Tag:
1. Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate?
I drink more coffee and tea but I love drinking hot chocolate during these months but I don't drink them everyday so I would say Coffee and tea for everyday and hot chocolate for a Autumn/winter treat. 

2. What is the best autumn memory you have?
I would say going the park on a crisp autumn day with my dog Lucy who passed away Feb 15th 2011. I remember just walking to the park with her and my mum and dad and watching Lucy run around and run into a pile of leaves and I miss that so much, seeing her bouncing around all happy. I would also say last year around this time I was counting down the days to see Enrique Iglesias ( my love ) in Concert in Manchester November 29th. So when I think back to this time last year I was so happy just thinking about seeing him and I would be so excited. 

3. Favourite book you are reading this Autumn?
I am currently reading The Sweet Life by Dulce Candy. I think its very inspirational and I am enjoying reading that. 

4. Which makeup trend do you prefer: dark lips or winged eyeliner? 
Dark lips!!! I don't love winged liner on my self all the time but dark lips I love and I love playing around with dark lips. I also feel like winged liner is a all year round trend but dark lips feel Autumn/Winter. I love a plum, purple and deep dark reds. 

5. Best fragrance for autumn?
I love Victoria's Secret Pure Seduction and Beyonce heat. They smell so warm, sexy, spicy and perfect for autumn.

6. What is autumn weather like where you live?
In the UK we have the changing of the leaves, cooler, crisp autumn weather. 

7. Most worn eyeshadow during autumn?
I love wearing smoky bronze, warm, chocolate, cranberry, brown shades.

8. Must-have nail polish this fall?
I love deep dark reds, blues and purples.

9. Favourite thing about autumn?
I love how the change of the leaves happen, the weather is beautiful and its nearly time for Halloween, firework night and Christmas. I also love the things you bring out in autumn like hocus pocus, the fashion, the candle scents, thicker fluffy soft bath robes and fluffy socks and just being cosy. 

10. What song really gets you into the autumn spirit and what songs do you love this autumn?
I would say I like to listen to the hocus pocus I put a spell on you. That gets me into the Halloween/Autumn mood. I also love Autumn leaves by Chris Brown and I have been loving Freak by Rishi Rich and Jay Sean. Oh and SoMo's new album. 

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