HOW TO: Get Longer Lasting Makeup?♡

Hey there! I have two products that will save, set and keep your make-up looking flawless all day/night. Want to know what they are? Keep reading!xo

I love anything I can spray onto my face to make me feel refreshed and hydrated. I have had some setting sprays that claim to " seal the make-up and keep it in place all day and night " few hours later my make-up is not sealed, saved and stayed! The lovely ladies over at Clarins sent me The Fix Make-up Mist to try and review. Does this mist seal, save and help the make-up stay?

After applying my make-up I sprayed in circler movements the Fix Make-up Mist. The first thing I loved was how easy and light the spray was, some setting sprays can have awful sprays that soak your face, come out in drips then in big chunks, or take a lot of finger pressure to come out but this just was so easy and soft on my face and came out really evenly. The scent also was something I enjoyed! Very subtle but a slight smell of sweet roses and that is because this mist has the ingredients of Rose and Grapefruit, Rose to soften and Grape Fruit to brighten, along with Silica Microspheres to control shine. 

The mist is so refreshing, hydrating and comfortably soft. So the main goal was to see how well it held my make-up during work and rainy, muggy weather! So I went about my day without any touch ups. When I looked in the mirror I was pleasantly surprised how well my make-up looked, the mist really did hold, seal and save my make-up and offered a flawless, fresh, matte finish all throughout the day. No need for touch ups or powder because my make-up looked well put and the same as it did when I first applied it. 

I noticed my skin did not feel dry and my oily T-Zone did not feel oily. I also noticed my skin looked healthy and felt soft when I touched my cheek. When I sprayed the mist it felt like it was sealing in my make-up because I had a slight, very slight, tightening feeling as if it was grabbing my make-up in place. I am now in love with this mist, its a saviour! Even in all types of environments and weather and for all skin types. If you use this mist your make-up will be saved, you use a primer first under your make-up and this mist after your make-up, you are for sure double saved! 

No colour was faded, No oily make-up, No slip or Slide, No fading, Moving or settling! Everything was sealed, saved and stayed! 

The next product is for your eyeshadow... I have spoke about this product on my blog before because I am amazed at how such a drugstore product can do a high-end job!
I am talking about the Beauty UK Eye Prime Fx. This is such a must have product for long, lasting, eye make-up.

Just like the Mist, this seals, saves and sets your eye-make-up. This has a easy, blend-able formula with a soft, dip wand applicator that provides a neutral undercoat for your eye shadow.

This keeps my eyeshadow looking, vibrant and stayed put all day and night. Nothing moves or colour fades, everything is saved and set. I also find the same feeling the mist gives me. When I apply this to my eyes I get a very subtle, slight tight feeling as if its ready to grip and grab my eyeshadow. I love how it keeps my eyeshadow looking perfect throughout the day/night in all environments and weathers.  For drugstore and the price of £3.99 this does the same job as a high end primer. 

I really recommend these two saviours for your make-up to keep it lasting all day/night. To also keep your make-up looking flawless throughout the day a good primer and powder and then set it with the Clarins Mist and you will be saved!

Happy Shopping! Hope you try these amazing products out, they are worth it! 
  1. That Clarins facial mist sounds incredible, I've never seen it before!

    Lilies and Lipbalm

    1. It is very incredible highly recommend it. I'm sure its on the Clarins website :)


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