Gift idea for the ladies in your life! ♡

I have a gift idea for the ladies in your life. This is for a girl who loves to pamper herself or you want the girl to take the time to pamper herself. This idea is a spa bundle gifts or spa in a stocking. Little gifts for the pampering princesses.

Hot Cloth Cleanser.
A hot cloth cleanser is amazing for spa night. What is more relaxing than a soft cleanser and a hot cloth on your face.  Of course the Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser is the most popular one with amazing rates and it is heaven. If you don't want to splurge that high I do recommend The Organic Surge Hot Cloth Brightening Cleanser. In my opinion this is a dupe for the Liz Earle. It has a similar scent and feel to it, It's rich and creamy and a little bit goes a long way. It has a soft texture but clings to the skin removing any dirt or make-up. When you are ready to take the cleanser off, soak a cloth in a hot water and press onto the skin this is so soothing then wipe away the cleanser. You are left with super soft, clean and glowy skin.
- The Organic Surge Hot Cloth Brightening Cleanser CLICK ME
- The Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser CLICK ME

Face Masks.
Of course pick the mask for the right skin type, Oily skin I'd choose the LUSH mask of Magnanimity. This is a minty amazing mask for getting rid of acne and treating the skin. This draws out all the junk and oil from the skin and treats it, while you take the mask off you ex foliate your skin because it has ex foliating beads so that is extra special for spa night. If the person your buying for has dry skin and skin that needs hydration I recommend the Clarins Hydraquench cream mask, Yes this is a high end brand but it is so good and gives the skin a drink, giving it hydration and moisture to the skin. If the person you are buying for has combination skin, write them a note and tell them to multimask, use the mask on the areas they need like the Mask of Magnanimity on the oily TZONE and the Hydraquench on the dry areas.
 - LUSH Mask Of Magnanimity CLICK ME
- Clarins Hydraquench Cream Mask CLICK ME

Shampoo & Conditioner or a Hair Mask.
This might sound funny to give shampoo and conditioner as a gift but for a spa bundle it is something a girl will appreciate. Why not treat the hair and give a good shampoo and conditioner as a gift. I recommend the Organic Surge Moisture Boost shampoo and Conditioner. This is super moisturising and makes my hair squeaky clean, this makes my hair feel nourished and soft, it gives my hair a lovely glossy shine. You could also tell the person your giving the gift to, to leave the conditioner on for 20-30 minutes for a deep conditioning treatment.
-Organic Surge Moisture Boost shampoo and Conditioner CLICK ME

Candles, Bath Set and Fluffy Socks.
A pamper night includes a hot bath, so I recommend a LUSH bath set or some bath sets like Dove, Soap and Glory, Sanctuary or even Victoria's Secret. If the person is super girly and loves relaxing I recommend throwing in a scented candle, one that smells christmassy or relaxing. I also recommend fluffy socks for when they get out the bath because you could add a note telling the person to put on the fluffy socks with some body butter to make the feet super soft.
- Soap & Glory CLICK ME
- Victoria's Secret CLICK ME
- Sanctuary CLICK ME

Gel Eye Mask.
This is amazing for a spa night. The gel eye mask you can put in the fridge or heat it up, for a de-puffing, soothing, relaxing treatment for the eyes while soaking in the bath.
- Gel Eye Mask- CLICK ME

Lip Balm set or individual.
This might sound strange, why a lip balm? but every girl loves a good lip balm, especially after pampering the whole body head to toe. The next thing you want is to treat your lips with a soothing, moisturising lip balm. My favourite is the Balmi Lip Balm, they are almost like the EOS balms but I think more better. They are shaped like a cone/dome and have all kinds of yummy scents from strawberry to mint. The balm is super hydrating and lasts on the lips. The cone/dome shape have a unique and fun feeling when you place it on your lips. So I think this would make a great gift because of it's unique and fun balm.
-  Balmi Lip Balm CLICK ME

Nail Varnish Set.
This can be optional because not every girl likes painting the nails. If you do want to buy a nail varnish set I do recommend OPI, NAILS INC, CIATE, BEAUTY UK, RIMMEL AND BARRY M. If you don't want to splurge on a set maybe get a nail treatment like OPI nail envy or Essence ultra nail repair.

To finish your pamper spa bundle or spa in a stocking, chocolates are the best treat. Maybe a box of chocolates, chocolate bars or even a chocolate Santa!

  1. Great gift ideas kim! Love this! Xxx

  2. that's fab, I would be happy if someone gave me all of those x


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