Teeth Talk And Taking Care Of The Lips! ♡

 Hello, This is kind of a strange topic to talk about but it's not a post I see around much and I think it's something to share. I am going to be talking about taking care of your teeth and lips, or how I take care of mine! Since New Year's Eve is coming soon you need to be ready for a new year kiss right? and what's more yucky than un hygienic teeth and mouth?

So I firstly floss my teeth. Yes it can feel like a chore and something we think we can give a miss but flossing is so important because it not only removes plaque and dislodged food but can help with bad breath and oral problems. I can't be dealing with the regular floss on a string so I like using the floss picks. They are so easy and quick, and already done for you.  I slip the floss pick between my teeth and start moving the floss with 5-8 strokes up and down between each tooth. I prefer to floss before I brush because I find I am getting rid of plaque and dislodged food before I brush and that way I can get rid of what I need to so it does not end up on my tooth brush.

Next I brush my teeth, I use a Colgate tooth brush. I was using a electric tooth brush for a while but I felt it was not cleaning my teeth as I needed it to so I switched to a regular tooth brush. The Colgate tooth brush is so much better and cleans my teeth really well. It's hard enough to give my teeth a clean but soft enough to not hurt my gums. When brushing my teeth I position the bristles at an angle near the gum line, I brush the outer surfaces back and forth and up and down then the insides and the front with the same up down, back and forth motions. I spent about 2 minutes brushing my teeth and I do try to brush my teeth in the morning and I always do it every night.  I also use a Colgate tooth paste.

Once I have rinsed my mouth I then use a tongue brush. I use the OraBrush Tongue Brush. This is the step that is not as obvious as flossing and brushing and I think it's the one step that really helps with the bacteria and bad breath. 90% of bad breath is caused by the tongue! I use to brush my tongue with my tooth brush but when I used the OraBrush Tongue brush I noticed such a difference in my mouth and tongue. The Ora Tongue brush is designed for your tongue, It has the same handle like a tooth brush, it is square with bristles and at the end is a stopper ( which collects the rubbish from your tongue ) What I do is wet my tongue, stick my tongue out and brush back and forth with the tongue brush. Then after about 4-5 times you then take it all the way back as far as you can go without gagging and pull it forward, you will see all the gunk from your tongue which is gross but is so affective and helps with your breath. I also like to use the tongue foam it comes with, which is a mint foam that you apply onto your tongue or the brush instead of wetting your tongue with water. It just helps moist your tongue while cleaning it and gives you a mint, fresh breath.

Then finally I use mouthwash. I use the Listerine Cool mint mouthwash. This kills up to 97% of germs above and below the gum line to keep gums healthy. It reduces up to 56% plaque and provides fresh breath protection. I love how my gums feel after using mouthwash and the minty freshness my breath has.

Now to whiten my teeth I use MR BLANC teeth whitening strips. I am in love with these because after 1 try I already noticed a big difference. MR BLANC teeth whitening strips are a non peroxide whitening product that safely whitens teeth with enamel friendly ingredients. Working both on and beneath the surface Mr BLANC visibly whitens and removes stains in just 14 days!! These are so easy to apply and they don't slip and slide, and the effect they have are amazing. I noticed stains and discolouration are disappeared after using these strips. What I do is dry my teeth with a towel, then I place the bottom strip on the bottom of my teeth and the top on my top teeth. I then wait 30 minutes avoid eating and drinking. I do this when I am getting ready for the day or at night after my tooth routine. After the 30 minutes are up I remove the strips and put them in the bin, I then rinse away any gel that is left on my teeth with water and admire my white teeth and no stains!! This is perfect if you are wearing a red lip or a lip colour that brings your teeth whiter, or before an important date, interview and it's something to add in your general tooth routine.

Now the teeth routine is done and I have nice clean white teeth I like to take care of my lips. First I take my tooth brush, wet it and go back and forth on my lips. This is exfoliating the lips getting rid of the flakes and dry skin. You can also use a lip scrub after or instead of a tooth brush.  Then I put a thick lip moisturiser on my lips, I take a thick amount and apply it but not pressing it in, I use carmex.  I let it soak for about 2-3 minutes and then I get a tissue or flannel and wet it, then take the moisturiser off my lips. This is like doing a deep condition on your hair but for your lips, Its deeply moisturising and softening the lips. I then apply lip balm my favourite is the Balmi lip balms and that's it!!

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