The Merry Christmas Tag.

Merry Christmas Tag!

Hello everyone, I am wearing a Santa hat, playing Christmas music and feeling rather festive right now. What better time to do a fun Christmas tag on my blog! This is the Merry Christmas tag, I just grabbed questions that I liked from different Christmas tags and put it all in one tag. I tag everyone reading and hope you enjoy.

1. On a scale of 1-10 how much are you in the Christmas spirit?
Well I am wearing a Santa hat, singing along to Christmas songs and doing a Christmas tag so I am feeling a 9 right now.

2. Obviously you have to watch Christmas movies, what is your favourite?
The Grinch has to be my all time favourite Christmas movie! Every Christmas Eve me and my family snuggle up on the couch and watch this movie. It's such a great movie and something special because it's part of our Christmas eve tradition.  I love everything about this movie! I also love The Santa Claus ( 1985 ) and A Christmas Carol the one with
 Jim Carrey ( 2009 ). 

3. If Santa had a new reindeer and you could name it, what would you call it?
I would choose something Christmassy like, Mistletoe, Tinsel or Holly. I'd like to choose a name that is Christmassy. 

4. What is your favourite Christmas colour?
I love the red and greens. Gold is nice but I think the reds and greens look so Christmassy. 

5. Name a place you want to visit during the Christmas period?
I would love to go to New York. Oh how that would be amazing, the shopping, the New York Christmas feel, That would be so nice. 

6. White lights or coloured?
I love coloured lights, I think it just looks much more Christmassy. I have coloured lights around my little Christmas tree in my room and it makes me so happy looking at all the Christmas colours twinkling.

7. Do you start your Christmas shopping early or late?
I am always early never late! I cannot deal with the stress of having to Christmas shop late so I am always early or in the first week in December. 

8. What Christmas treats do you love?
I love the tin of roses and celebrations. I love chocolate Santa's and the biscuits that come out around this time.  I also like the chocolate money coins that you put in your Christmas tree.

9. Favourite scent around Christmas?
I have to say spiced apple, or spicy cinnamon. That always reminds me of Christmas and Winter. I also love the smell of Tinsel because it smells so christmassy. 

10.Tell me your Christmas eve traditions?
Christmas eve is lovely in my house and we always look forward to our tradition and get excited about it. We always every Christmas eve chill around the house in the morning and afternoon. Then around 3-30ish me and my mum do our make-up and hair and get ready. Then me and my mum and dad go out to a restaurant and have a yummy Chinese meal. Then we go home, open our Christmas eve present which is new pyjamas, fluffy socks and chocolates. Then we get changed into our new pyjamas and snuggle up on the couch and watch Christmas movies which is A Christmas Carol and The Grinch and eat our chocolates and maybe drink some wine. Then I will go upstairs get a bath and do any last minute wrapping and then I will snuggle in bed and watch The Santa Claus.

11. Favourite drink you like during Christmas?
I love snowballs I think they just are the one drink that you have only during this time of the year. 

12. Are you wearing any festive nail art or polish?
I actually am! I am wearing red and green glitter polish on my nails. I have red, green, red, green. The Christmas week I will have just red glitter with the ring finger a gold glitter. 

13. Your not feeling very festive name three things to do, to put you in the Christmas mood?
I would listen to Christmas music, that will put me at some Christmas feeling, I would look on pinterest at Christmas things that always gets me so excited and Christmas happy and finally I will watch a Christmas movie!

14. The Christmas music is playing, what is some of your favourites?
That is so hard because I love so many...
·        Wham- Last Christmas
·        Paul McCartney - Wonderful Christmas Time

·        Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You

·        Wizzard - I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday

·        Chris Rea : Driving Home For Christmas

Also anything Michael Buble

15. Any traditions you do on your own?

I do have a tradition for myself and that is around the 15th-19th I will go shopping and do the last minute shopping, then I will come home get a candle lit bubble bath, get in really comfy pyjamas, go downstairs put some Christmas music or film on, have some chocolate and wine and wrap the Christmas presents. I have done this little tradition of mine around Christmas for a few years now and I love it, I look forward to it! It's something pampering and nice for myself and makes me feel Christmassy. 

16. Christmas day has arrived, what is it like in your home?
Christmas day is relaxed and lazy and always happy and filled with love and appreciation. The morning is filled with excitement and fun and after present opening its very relaxed and chilled spent in our pyjamas, cooking Christmas dinner and watching T.V and talking and just being together. Christmas day is bittersweet I think, The morning and the Christmas dinner is the best part and spending time with my family but then after that is a little sad because Christmas is over. 

17. What colour is your Christmas tree, and what tops it?
Our Christmas tree downstairs is green and a Santa Claus tops it. My Christmas tree in my room is green and a glitter star tops it. 

18. Any Christmas Wishes?
My Christmas wish is to have a nice ending to 2015 and a better 2016. This year was one of the most stressful and hard years, I am glad to see the back of this year it's not been a good year. So I wish and hope 2016 is much more happier and less stressful and hard than this year. 

19. Your having your Christmas dinner, what is your favourite thing on your plate?
Oh I love our Christmas dinner. I would say the Turkey and the pigs in blankets and the parsnips are my favourite thing on my plate. I enjoy everything on my plate, Christmas dinner is not like a normal Sunday roast so it's special.

20. This tag is at the end now, have you enjoyed yourself? Right now as your answering these questions how long is it till Christmas?
I have enjoyed myself a lot, singing to the Christmas songs as I have been answering these. It's currently the 14th December so we have 11 days till Christmas wooooohhooo! 

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