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Christmas is nearly here, and we all have that moment of panic when we look at the Christmas countdown and realise the days are zooming by and that voice pops in your head " you still need to buy them stocking fillers, what are you going to buy " . Don't worry if you are needing some inspiration/ideas you have come to the right place. I have pulled together some ideas for stocking fillers/little gifts. Happy Shopping xo

Diaries- For the organisers or people who need to be organised!
Everyone needs a diary, whether you are the Mother with all the family appointments, The friend with the big job and need to organise the diary but use a sticky note instead, or the sister in school with the school work and exam dates. A diary is something everyone will appreciate. I would also suggest adding a pack of pens, if your buying for the friend who has the big job a classy pen set, the sister who is in school maybe gel pens or something fun.

Personalised Mug- For the hot drinkers!
who does not love a personalised gift? Everyone loves a new mug, The ones in the office are stained, the ones in the house are cracked and the only ones that are usable are the kids Disney cups. If you buy a brand new mug for someone with a personalised message or their name that will be a really sweet gift. Imagine your friend, she or he has had a rough night, they wake up for their morning coffee and see your mug that you personalised for them, it makes them smile and feel a little better. Maybe even pop their favourite brand or coffee or tea or a yummy set of biscuits in the stocking as a little something extra it also shows you really thought about the gift and you know that person well!

Purses/Wallets- For the shoppers!
If your female or male everyone uses a purse or wallet. I feel it's the one thing we all tend to forget about re purchasing when the purse or wallet is in bad shape and we desperately need a new one but forget about it because that new Eye shadow palette is on the top of the list, or that new video game or the kids clothes. Having a new purse or wallet is something everyone will appreciate because it's something that is used all the time. Make sure you know who your buying for, does she like pink or red? What colour is her bag will it clash or match? Does she like leopard print or plain? Is she a fan of bling or something classy? Is he into designer names or not fussed? It might just be any purse but to them, having a purse that you picked out because of what they like is more meaningful then just picking up any purse or wallet. Maybe as something extra buy a bag charm for her and a voucher for him? 

Candles- For the relaxers.
Candles are the best in winter, all cosy with the flickering candle and the gorgeous scents that some of them produce what a great little gift for someone. Not just anyone, someone who loves relaxing, someone who loves to enjoy a bubble bath with candles, someone who loves to scatter candles around their home and create homey scents in each room. Make sure the person you're buying for appreciates a good candle. Make sure you know what scents they like, and what scents are around their homes. Throw in some scented tea lights and a lighter!

Slippers and socks- For the lazy Sunday people!
Christmas is not Christmas without a new pair of slippers and fluffy socks or regular socks! These are fabulous stocking ideas or gifts for people who love to lounge around in slippers or slip their feet into fluffy socks. Maybe add a foot treatment set to pamper their feet with before slipping into their new socks and slippers.

Phone cases- For the always on their phone people!
Everyone has a phone these days, kids, teens, adults, even elder people like our Nan's and Granddads! A phone case is a fab little gift especially if that person is getting a new phone for Christmas or is always attached to their phones and needs a protective but classy case for it. Ebay and Amazon are great for finding lovely cases. As always make sure you know that person you're buying for, what phone do they have? are they a blingy type or subtle and cute? Are they gold lovers or fan of the whites and clears? To add to your gift you could buy a phone holder for their bedside table, desk or vanity. Or if that is something you don't want to buy maybe a pair of earphones? Maybe a speaker for their phone?

Manicure or Eyebrow set-For the Pretty and primped.
This is great for a girl or boy who is into keeping their nails in shape and well treated. A good manicure set is fabulous, you get all that you need to keep the nails looking beautiful. A eyebrow set is also a great idea for the males or girls who have their eyebrows always looking on point. Guys can appreciate a good eyebrow set to trim away them long eyebrow hairs and every girl needs the tools for getting the eyebrows on point!

Colouring book and felts- For the kids, or the big kids ;)
Adult colouring books are on the market now so why not get someone a colouring book for the big kid inside them? Is your mum or sister or friend into arts and likes to paint, draw or colour? It's a great idea for relaxation and something to do. Kids love colouring books so you cannot go wrong with a kids Christmas colouring book. Add some fancy felt tips and pencils and that is a well thought of gift or stocking stuffer!

Cds and Dvds- For the music lovers and Film buffs!
Susan from work is always singing a Rihanna song, why not pick her up the Rihanna CD? Mick your brother is always talking about the mission impossible films why not grab him the dvds? And your mum, she can't stop quoting scenes from the Friends episodes she has seen on TV, why not get the box set for her? Grab your music lovers a CD of their favourite artists, or if you're not too sure on what to get pick up the Now that's what I call music cds, or Ministry of sound so they have a selection. For the film buffs pick some DVDS out that they like or might like, Or their favourite TV series box set!

A cook book, or cooking tools- For the ones who make the food taste yummy!
If your Dad or boyfriend or Mum or Nan loves to cook, works as a cook or wants to try to cook why not grab them a good cook book? It's always a gift appreciated if they are into cooking or want to get into cooking. Your mum likes the sweet treats and cakes so grab a desert cook book. Your dad likes the Italian or Indian foods, grab a Indian or Italian recipe cook book. Or if they have a million cook books stored in the kitchen why not grab them some cooking tools? every chef likes new cooking tools right?

Chocolates- For the Chockaholics!
Everyone loves chocolates and Christmas is filled with chocolates and everyone is enjoying treating their sweet tooth. A box of chocolates will always be loved around Christmas. Even a cute Chocolate Santa or chocolate coins!

Wine- For the wine'o clockers!
If that person in your family or friends is a lover for a glass of wine at the end of the day why not pick up their favourite wine and pop it in their stocking or a gift bag? It's Christmas and the wine is never not pouring into the glasses so why not also grab them a cute wine glass or a classy wine glass for them to enjoy their wine out of?, so treat your friend or family member with a bottle...or two!

That is all the ideas I can pull together for now, I hope you enjoyed reading and I hope you have a merry Christmas xo 

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