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I'm feeling rather snuggly tonight, I am all cosy in my big bed with candles flickering, fairy lights glowing, my humidifier changing colours and pouring out a yummy scent and I have some chocolate to munch on. I was feeling like writing a blog post tonight, something laid back so I thought to do an ins and outs post. Elle Fowler done these posts on her blog and I enjoyed reading them so that is what I am going to do. Something about writing a blog post sometimes can be so therapeutic to me. Enjoy!xo  PS: if you don't know what an ins and outs post is here is Elle's blog post ( HERE ) 

Ins: ( likes/loves/what's good right now )

My New Laptop: I have a new laptop all to myself! I bought my self a Christmas present and splurged on a laptop, with my Dad's tech knowledge, researches and a boxing day sale I bought a really nice laptop that was £500 but came down in price because of the sales! I am so happy with my purchase and I can now have my own laptop to myself, my own me time without having to share a computer! More blog posts, More youtube to watch and more netflix cosy days.

Pinterest: I am addicted to pinterest, hours could be spent just looking through it. I feel so relaxed just browsing on there. You can find so many pictures of stunning scenery, beautiful homes, amazing places, latest beauty and fashion, yummy foods and get your giggle going with funny pictures and quotes. It takes my stressed head away for a little bit, I have a pinterest you can follow ( HERE)

No7 Makeup Mirror: I got this for Christmas because I needed a makeup mirror for my vanity that lights up and gives me a bright light for my makeup. This No7 mirror is so good and bright, you can change the brightness by making it dim, dim, dimmer or just have it on full bright. The mirror is so clear and you can see everything, I love it!

New Skincare Products: Oh I am thrilled with the skincare products I got for Christmas, they have been on my want list for ages and I finally have them, blog post reviews will be coming soon!

Victoria's Secret Pure Seduction Body Splash: This is my lover! I can't live without this fragrance, my all time favorite scent from VS. So sexy, warm but womanly! I have been reaching for it more often lately. So gorgeous.

Taken 1,2,3 DVD: I saw these films on the TV and I got hooked fast. They quickly moved in my top three favorite films. Liam Neeson has an amazing voice, incredible acting and his movies are spot on. My Dad bought me the box set of the Taken movies for Christmas. They are packed full of action and excitement aswell as gasps! 

Shotty Horroh: My favorite Rap Battler! I watch Rap Battles on Youtube ( no judging ) and I am a little addicted to them. Shotty Horroh is my favourtie, he raps incredibly he has a flair and talent for rapping. He also liked my tweet I sent to him which was nice!

I heart Christmas by Lindsey Kelk: This book was so fun to read over the Christmas period and I am so sad I have read it all. I started reading it on the last day of November and wanted to try and finish it by Christmas day and I finished it on Christmas Eve. It was so festive reading a Christmas themed book. I heart series by Lindsey Kelk is my favorite books, They are so fun and easy and take you out of your stresses for a little bit.

My Mum: I am getting cheeseball here but I have such an amazing mother. She does so much for me and has such a warm, gentle, kind heart. I don't know what I would do without her she has shaped me into who I am. She is my best friend who I share things with and be silly and giggle with, My sister when we argue over silly things and share eachothers wardrobes and my mum sharing mother daughter moments, and that special bond! I love how close we are and how she has taught me how to be the woman I am today.  She has such a heart that gives me love and care every single day, I am so blessed to have a mother with true love and care in her heart for me and looks after me, supports me and cares for me! I am a proud daughter to have such a talented mum when she does her nail art and with a nail art blog of her own with amazing amount of followers and support that makes me even more prouder! I love you mum, for ever and always! x

Chicken Pasta: Speaking of my mum she makes yummy chicken pasta which has become a little addiction for me... I crave it all the time, and want to eat it all the time! 

Temple Run and Subway Surfers: Such addictive games! I've been playing these on my tablet all the time, they are so fun to play.

See you 2015: Thank goodness its nearly time to say Bye to this year.  This year has been so stressful and hard I am so glad to see the back of it. So goodbye 2015 and 2016 be nicer please!

Outs( dislikes,hates, whats not so good right now)

2015: This year has been so difficult, stress, hard and emotionally and physically draining. Just one thing after another, one stress after another, one hard thing to tackle after another! 

Bye Bye Christmas: Oh it's so sad, Christmas is over till next time! I love Christmas so much, and I feel its come and gone to fast. Moving on because I'm to sad about this...

LUSH: This is hard to even type, because me and Lush have been besties for years! The time has come when I'm not a fan of Lush anymore. I went to buy my Christmas stash from Lush like I do every December, Normally I come out with a big bag full of Lush goodies, this year I came out with 0 bag! I was so unhappy with the Christmas products they came out with this year, everything was covered in thick glitter or the scents was not that nice or the price was shocking! Is it just me or has LUSH prices shot up? I then got told by the woman who works there that my all time favourtie bubble bar Christmas eve Bubble bar is no longer coming back!!!!! I was so disappointed with the prices, Christmas line and that they have took away the good ones I loved. Lush me and you are going to fall out soon!!

Hurting my back: A week or so before Christmas I hurt my back don't I. I was putting on a belt for my jeans and I twisted funny and hurt my back, the pain was horrible it was so painful trying to walk around the shops doing last minute Christmas shopping. Thankfully my back is a lot better and I can finally move and walk without wanting to cry. I do get the odd pain with some movements or bending down, Hurting my back by putting on a belt typical me!

No snow or Christmassy weather- Liverpool's weather has been rubbish for Christmas, No snow or wintry days. It's been rather mild and not freezing! Bit sad because it would of made Christmas alot more fun!

So that is all my ins and outs for now, I feel so relaxed and calm and its nice to have a ramble without worrying about fancy pictures and professional wording. So nice to just be laid back for once! Hope you enjoyed reading and please let me know some of your ins and outs?

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