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Hello and welcome back! My first post in 2016 and it's one I am excited to write. This is my thoughts on the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask. I finally have it, after so long that it has been on my wish list. I received an Origins skincare set for Christmas which included the Drink Up mask and 3 other skincare products which I will be writing about soon. So after a few nights of sleeping with this beauty on my skin, here is my thoughts...

I have never tried an overnight mask before, so I was excited to give this a try. After reading so many amazing reviews I just knew this mask would not disappoint me. I adore the idea of an overnight mask, going to bed with a cleansed skin and an overnight mask hydrating and soothing the skin while I sleep-yes please!

The Origins Drink Up Mask has avocado and apricot kernel oil to deeply and instantly hydrate the skin. To repair the skin's barrier and prevent future dehydration and any signs of premature aging it has Japanese Seaweed along with a ton of different flower extracts and waters and Hyaluronic Acid. The mask has a gorgeous fruity scent which does not linger after application. It's creamy and thick so a little bit goes along way. 

Our skin depends on water for its youthful functioning. In our everyday lives the skin can lose vital moisture, the busier or more you do the more you lose. If you don't moisturize your skin, well you have more of an issue since your losing the moisture in the day and not putting any moisture back into your skin of an evening. So after a long day and bed time ticks around, take the make-up off, cleanse the skin and apply this mask which will feed the skin its moisture that has been lost, Basically giving the skin a big glass of water while you sleep. 

 I apply this to my cleansed skin after toning and eye cream. I always apply my skincare products half an hour before bedtime. So my products can really soak into my skin before I snuggle into my pillow. I massage the overnight mask into my skin using circular motions and in no time my skin begins drinking it up. By this point my skin has a soothing feeling and when I am finished applying it, my skin has an almost relaxed "ahh" feeling. I then apply moisturizer to my skin for an extra hydration since my skin is dry. You can use this mask instead of your regular night time moisturizer, or apply both for a deep hydration.  So off I go to sleep with my skin feeling relaxed and soothed. 

In the morning I am so happy with what my skin feels and looks like. I touch my skin and it feels so soft, I am talking baby soft. My skin looks healthy and plump, brighter and radiant. I notice my dry areas are soothed away, my skin looks glowing and hydrated. When I run my hands over my skin, it feels so smooth and soft. It's an amazing mask that really helps the skin while I am sleeping away. I love the way my skin feels so hydrated and moisturized and baby soft and looks better, like I have been drinking water and eating healthy and its showing in my skin. I highly recommend this to anyone with dehydrated skin, dry skin, dry-combination. It's such a gem to have in your skincare routine! Dry Skin bye bye. 

Just something else to add. I was sick with a bad cold after Christmas, my skin looked awful. So dull, grey and dehydrated and dry from the nose blowing. I applied this mask to my skin for a pamper pick me up treat before I went to sleep. The next morning my skin looked amazing, beautifully glowing and hydrated, my sick grey skin looked brighter and energized. You could not tell I was sick, because my skin looked healthy. So if you are sick, or in need of a skincare pick me up, if you have an important date, meeting or interview the next morning. Apply this mask before bed, the next morning you will have beautiful skin.  

As you can tell I am very happy with this mask, I am in love with it. I love how beautiful it makes my skin look and feel. How hydrated and moisturized, how radiant and plump! Applying make-up to my skin is heaven, my skin just naturally glows and my make-up looks fabulous. 100% recommend. 

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