Weekend relaxation ideas! ❤

Wow, this is strange typing back on here. It has been a while and I have abandoned my blog. I was reading So Sue Me blog and It just made me want to get back to blogging. I had no idea what to blog about so I thought of doing something easy but actually helpful... I hope. Since its Friday and the weekend is here I thought to pull up a few ideas of things you can do if you do not want to be sociable, hit the bars and clubs. So have some me time, relax and unwind this weekend.

Relax, take a bath!
Oh you have had a long week of work? Kids stressing you? What is better than a nice soak in the bath with candles flickering, bubbles and your favourtie scent of a bath bomb fizzing in the water. Let your mind shut off, take care of your skin with a face mask, turn on some soothing music and let the bubbles comfort you and soothe your body.

T.V catch up, Movies or boxset binge!
Grab a few snacks, your favourtie drink, comfy pajamas and curl up with the T.V remote. Watch the shows you need to catch up on, the box set you love or the movie sequels you like to binge. Turn off your phone and power up netflix. What a perfect way to relax.

Make, Bake or eat a cake!
People say cooking or baking can be so therapeutic, so why not pull out that cook book and have a go at making something yummy. If baking or cooking is not your thing, grab a few yummy cakes or doughnuts from a store and let yourself indulge you deserve it!!

Find time to write!
This is one I love to do. I bought a five year diary and regular note pads. I like to take time out to write anything I want to, Thoughts, feelings, day to day things, tasks, notes, to do lists, lists in general, letters, plans or goals. Getting whatever is in your head bad or good out on paper is so therapeutic and helps organize your head a little more.

Clear, Clean and Organize!
One of my favourties! I love to clean and organize, even if the whole house does not need a clean I bet that draw in the bathroom, or the makeup draws or your wardrobe need a good de cluttering. Find a space that needs organizing, dedicate time and energy into clearing out and cleaning. Not only is it so relaxing but its a great way to feel better. 

This does not have to be a book, maybe pick up a few magazines. A newspaper or catalog. Find time to turn off your phone get off social media and read for a little while. My favourtie thing to do is curl up in bed or on the couch and read letting my mind get sucked into a book. Or have a face mask on, reading a magazine or newspaper with a cup of tea/coffee. 

Get your booty movin!
One thing I have been trying to do, is exercise! Get my booty movin, I have a workout DVD which I love doing called Pump It Up! It has the soundtrack to ministry of sound so I get really " pumped up" doing the exercising. By the time I am finished I feel so happy with myself, proud and motivated as well as working up a sweat you release endorphins. Even going for a walk in the beautiful weather with earphones blasting your favourtie tracks, getting fresh air and enjoying me time outdoors can be a nice way to spend a weekend.

Get your sexy on!
Maybe if you have the money book a hair appointment, need a new haircut or colour or even fancy a blow dry? Nails need doing or eyelashes? treat yourself girl and get your sexy on! Buy some perfume for yourself, take yourself out on a date, be with yourself this weekend :)

They are just a couple of ideas for you, I hope you enjoy your weekend whatever you do! xo

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