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Boo! Alright it is time for a cute little Autumn/Halloween tag on my blog.  Get into the Halloween/Autumn spirit with me... Lets go!

1. Let's talk about candles, what is some of your favourties?

I am in love with two candles from Bath and Body works at the moment. The first candle I only burn in the evenings because it's more of a evening scent. That is Marshmellow Fireside. The notes are Fire roasted vanilla, toasted marshmellow and smoldering woods. This candle smells delicious with a hint of fire, just like you are roasting marshmellows on the bonfire. Such a warm, delicious scent! A dupe for this candle is Yankee Marshmellow treats. My other obsession is Leaves also from Bath and Body works. This is a classic Autumn candle with notes of Crisp red apple, golden nectar and warm clove spice. This candle is full of warmth and Autumn spices. A dupe for Leaves is Yankee Autumn leaves or Cinnamon sticks.


2. Tell me some of your favourtie Lip colours for Autumn?
I have been loving three Lip colours this Autumn. First is Maybelline Mauvilous Shine. It's a warm, mauve shade with a hint of a rosy tone. Also from Maybelline is Who wore it redder. Such a gorgeous deep, warm red with hints of a raspberry pink. The last one is from NYX soft matte lip cream called Cannes. This is a brown, mauve with pink tones. It is a dupe for the Kat Von D Lolita. 


3. What about Blush, what are some Autumn blushes you like to wear?
I always pick out the Sleek blush in the shade Pomegranate. This screams Autumn. It is a deep warm, plum, berry shade with warm copper undertones and a slight golden shimmer.This blush can be a dupe for the Giorgio Armani Blush in #200. I also reach for the Becca blush in Flowerchild if I want more of a flush. This is a rosy pink with warm undertones and a light dusting of a gold shimmer. The golden shimmers in the blushes I have picked bring the cheeks to life and add such a pretty warm subtle glow.

4. What is your Autumn fragrance?
I wear Victoria's Secret pure seduction all year round but alot more in the Autumn/Winter because of it's warm notes. It's so fruity but warm and rich. The notes are Red plum an freesia. I also love to wear the Beyonce Heat Perfume because this is so spicy and warm.

5. Do you have a favourtie drink you love in the Autumn?
I just recently bought a coffee that is double chocolate flavored so that right now is my obsession. I also love hot chocolates. 

6. Let's talk about nail polish, what is your top three Autumn colours?
My top three for Autumn are 
O.P.I Got the blues for red - A  deep warm berry red. 
O.P.I Lincoln park after dark - A dark purple
O.P.I Russian Navy- A midnight blue

7. Let's talk about eyeshadow, what is your go to colours and palette for Autumn?
I LOVE All the warm browns, chocolates and pops of golds.  For my go to palette I would say Naked1 from Urban Decay or the Nude Dude palette from The Balm. They both have warm shades in with pops of golds. 

8. We have to talk about Halloween movies, come on what is your favourtie?
Hocus Pocus!!!! EEEEK I love this movie. Its such a cute, funny Halloween movie. I only watch it during October because I want to keep it a special little tradition.

9. Your skin is getting dry, what is the product you use?
I love the Origins Drink up mask. This feels like a big glass of water for your skin. It gives me such a hydration boost and makes my skin so smooth, soft and glowing. It's an overnight mask, that sinks into your skin leaving it healthy, hydrated and super moisturized. 

10. Do you like Candy Corn and Tell me what your Halloween sweet treat is?
I tried Candy Corn and I thought it was okay, but not great. It was just plain and not something I would choose to eat. At the moment I am loving Sour Patch Kids sweets, it's not a typical Halloween treat but they are so good!

That was all the questions, I hope you enjoyed reading and feel free to do this tag! Xoxo

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