Mac, Lush & Bath & Body Works Haul!❤

Hello! Welcome back to my blog. I have been online shopping and bought a few things from Bath and body works, Lush and MAC so I thought I would write up a blog post showing what I bought. 


Comforter Bubble Bar: This is one I pick up every time its my all time favorite. This is a huge bubble bar which will last you 5 maybe 6 baths. Break off a little bit and crumble under running water it creates the best, biggest, frothiest, softest bubbles that are so playful and lasts a long time. The name is perfect for this bubble bar because it is so comforting and gives you a feeling of relaxation. It looks so pretty pink with a white swirl. Such a relaxing and calming scent but also fruity and sweet.
ButterBear Bath Bomb: This is part of their Christmas line, its a cute little white bear that you pop in the bath and it fizzes out. This is so calming and relaxing and super softening for the skin. Cocoa butter and ylang ylang are the main ingredients. It's great for nourishing and protecting the skin, no matter how long you stay in the tub, and has the same vanilla fragrance as their Butterball Bath Bomb. 

Father Christmas Bath Bomb: I got this because firstly its so big, looks so cute and festive and it has the same scent as the popular snow fairy products!!! Bubblegum and vanilla, sweet Christmas bliss! I think this will make a fun, festive bath time treat

Dragons Egg Bath Bomb: This is another re purchase because I really enjoy it every time I use it. Its a good big size bath bomb. Looks white but when you plonk it in the bath it creates a explosion of sight, sound and scent. The bath bomb fizzes turning the water multiple colours as the sounds of crackles and fizzles and the scent of fruity sherbet lingers. Its super fun, smells amazing and the sounds make it even more enjoyable. 
Don't Look at me Face Mask: I love Lush's face masks they are so good and full of goodness. This mask has been on my list for a long time and I finally purchased it. The colour of this mask is gorgeous, a vivid bright blue. The scent is amazing very zingy and zesty because of the lemon juices. This mask is to brighten, smooth, soften and exfoliate the skin. 

MAC: I had 3 items from Mac on my want list and with the black Friday sales I finally purchased them.

Swiss Chocolate Eye Shadow: A deep, chocolate, brown with a slight purple. So pretty, I love my warm deep browns so I was so excited to finally purchase this for a good sale price!

Texture Eye shadow: This is also a warm shade, It's a peachy, warm, medium brown. This and Swiss Chocolate is a must have in everyone's collection. Texture on the lid and slightly in the crease blended out with naked from Urban Decay in the crease, and Swiss Chocolate on the outer corner will look so pretty!
Velvet Teddy Lipstick: This is a popular lipstick and I know why because it's so pretty, easier to wear and finishes matte with no dryness. Its the perfect peachy, brown nude!
Bath & Body Works

Leaves Candle: Such a Autumn/Winter/Christmas scent! Notes of crisp red apple, golden nectar and warm cove spice. So its full of winter spices.

Marshmellow Fireside Candle: I burn this candle in the evenings because it feels like a evening scent. Fire roasted vanilla, toasted marshmallow and smoldering woods. So delicious and slightly fire and woodsy. Just as if you are roasting marshmallows on the fire.

Tis The Season Candle: I love the packaging of this candle, it looks so festive!! This smells similar to the Leaves but a little more on the Christmas spices. Rich red apples, green pine, golden cider and Sweet Cinnamon Bark. How festive does that sound.
Twisted Peppermint Hand Sanitizer: I love bath & body works hand sanitizes because of how the scents linger, and how soft they make my hands. Twisted Peppermint is so festive just like a candy cane. Cool Peppermint, Sugared Snow and Vanilla Buttercream.

  1. I loveeeeee lush so much 💗

    Poppy Mayy

    1. Yay! Another LUSH fan haha. what is your favourtie bath bomb?


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