Feeling Festive Christmas Tag!

I am in such a Christmas mood right now, wearing Christmassy pjs, listening to Christmas music and I was watching Christmas tags on youtube which made me want to do one on my blog. I pulled different questions from Christmas tags and put them together. Let's get more festive and talk all about Christmas xox

1. Favorite Christmas smell or candle?

A Christmas candle I love is the Bath&BodyWorks " Tis the season" Candle. It smells of Christmas spices,Rich red apples, green pine, golden cider and Sweet Cinnamon Bark.

2. What tops your tree?
Our tree downstairs a father Christmas tops it. My tree in my room a snowman tops it. I was struggling to find a father Christmas tree topper that wasn't a ridiculous price so I ended up with a snowman and I kinda love it, because my tree is white so it goes so well. 

3. Top 3 Christmas Movies and why? Go...
  • The Grinch-  It's a special little move because its part of my family Christmas eve tradition. I love everything about this movie, so funny, so Christmassy and gives you the Christmas feelings.
  • Elf-  A funny classic Christmas movie, its just one you have to watch every Christmas.
  • Arthur Christmas- A more modern day twist on Christmas and I love it. It keeps the Christmas magic but in a more modern realistic way. 
4. What is your favourtie Christmas food and drink?
I always look forward to drinking snowballs on and around Christmas. Snow balls are avocat, lemonade and lime. They are so Christmassy and so nice. for food I love pigs in blanket which are little sausages wrapped in bacon. 

5. Favorite Christmas Colour?
I love red and green I think they are such classic Christmas colours but I also have been loving white Christmas themed decorations like White, silver and a pop of colour like blue or pink. I think that looks so winter wonderland.

6. Do you like to stay in your PJ's, or dress up for Christmas?
Mum and dad and I love staying in our pjs on Christmas day. Being so cosy, lazy and relaxed. Nothing better than eating till your tummy hurts with lounge wear on. But this year we will be dressing up for Christmas because we are spending it with family which will be so nice. I have reindeer antlers and Christmas attire for Christmas day this year. 

7. How has Christmas kept its magic for you as you've grown older?
I think now I am older, Christmas is still so special and the feeling of Christmas is more meaningful. I think more of my family, spending time with them and more thoughtful on gifts and creating a loving happy Christmas. My mum and dad have kept the magic with Christmas by still doing our traditions. I think no matter how old you are Christmas will always be magical because of the little kid inside you. 

8. White lights, or colored lights?
I do think there is a place for both, White lights look classier but I have to say Coloured are my favourtie because they are so fun and look so much more Christmassy than white lights. 

9.  Which do you prefer Christmas Eve or Christmas day?
Christmas eve for sure because I think it feels so exciting and magical and we have our little Christmas eve traditions. Everything feels so festive and you can't beat the Christmas eve feeling. Christmas day is so nice and special but it feels a little bittersweet because you know Christmas is coming to an end.

10.Are you rocking the red lips if so what is your favorite red lipstick? 
I actually have not rocked the red lips yet, but I will be very soon! I just bought Mac Ruby woo lipstick so I would have to say that. 

11. Top 5 Christmas Songs.
Oh yes my favorite question, I love Christmas music so much.
  • All I want for Christmas is you- Mariah Carey
  • Proper Crimbo- Bo Slecta
  • Santa Baby- Kylie or The Pussycat dolls or Michael Buble
  • Christmas ( baby please come home ) - Michael Buble
  • Driving home for Christmas - Chris Rea
12. Are you watching Vlogmas on Youtube if so who?
Yes I am! Every year I look forward to Vlogmas because not only is it super fun to watch but I could be in no Christmas mood, I could be having a non Christmassy day but then I turn on a Vlogmas and all of a sudden I feel the Christmas vibes haha. Here are some I am watching...
 13. Right now as your answering these questions how long is it till Christmas?
It's the 18th so 6 days ahh So close. 

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