My Current Favourite Songs.♡

Hey! This is a different post I am doing today, but if you love music and finding new music then stick around.... please :) I am sharing my current favourite songs with you. These are a mix of new and old, R&B, Country and more. If you want to, you can follow my spotify makeupwithkimmy. I hope you enjoy reading and find a song you like. xo

Calper- Crossroads-
This is my happy song at the moment. It soothes my soul and puts me in such a cheerful mood, I love it.

James Bay- Let it go Bearson Remix-
This is a remix of one of my all time favourite songs. This also puts me in a good happy place.

Bob Seger- Night Moves-
If you are a supernatural fan you will recognize this song. I love this, this soothes my soul. To me this song is a good sunday morning making breakfast kinda song. Does anyone else think of music like that? :)

Ava Pearl- No Makeup On-
I watch AmbersCloset on Youtube, her girlfriend Ava Pearl is a artist and I found this song on her youtube channel and I love it. It's so girly and cute!

Ben.E King- This Magic Moment-
I found this song on a dirty dancing playlist on spotify and ever since I have loved it. Although I don't ever remember this song on Dirty Dancing. 

Tinashe- You Don't Know Me-
I love Tinashe she is one of my favourites. I have been listening to her albums alot recently and this song is so good. It's so relaxing and the rewind vocals at the start is cool. 

Greyson Chance- No Fear-
I found this through a spotify playlist I was listening to while blogging my life away and I fell in love with his voice and this song! 

Young Thug- Pick Up The Phone-
This is another song that I am playing on replay all the time and I am so surprised I have not got sick of it. 

The 1975- Undo-
I have never heard any songs from 1975 but I have heard they are popular, I finally searched them in spotify and fell in love with two of their songs. I feel like are so relaxing to listen to and chill. 

The 1975- Somebody Else-
I love this, this one is my favourites. Again it has a chill vibe to it. 

James Blunt- Bonfire Heart-
I have been listening to this none stop, It's such a cute song and so catchy!

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