My Top 10 Lipsticks. ♡

Hi hunnies ♡. It's all about the lipsticks today on Kim's Got Gloss. I am sharing my top 10 lipsticks that I have been loving recently. These range from brights to nudes, Low end to high end its all abit of a mixture- Enjoy xo 

♡. Maybelline- Petal Pink.
A soft pink pastel shade, that belongs with my nudes. The finish is a creamy matte.  It's super pigmented, super moisturizing as it is enriched with honey nectar. It applies so creamy and has a great staying power. It's a great flattering nudey- pink.

♡. Model Co- Kitty.
As you will see on the picture this is my most used lipstick as it's almost at the end. It's one of those lipsticks that are " my lips but better" shades. Its a creamy, rosy, mauve shade. Like my lips but darker. So glossy and is highly pigmented. I love it.

♡. Revlon- Cherries In The Snow.
This cheeky little lipstick appears to be a classy red in the tube, but once applied it reveals a beautiful, hot, bright, raspberry shade that reminds me of a pinky red rose. Its so beautiful!! I love how creamy it feels and how the shade looks so classy and girly. It is very similar to the MAC amplified finishes with the way it feels and how pigmented, rich and bright it is.

♡. Clarins- Bubble Gum Pink.
The name of this lipstick is perfect because it is a bubble gum, bright, cool pink. I love the gold packaging making it look so sleek and expensive. The lipstick is so hydrating, as it has a moisture-rich formula and high pigmentation. A soft, creamy finish that lasts a good few hours. They also have a slight red berry scent to them which I LOVE! Such a cute girly bubble gum pink lipstick.

♡. MAC- Velvet Teddy.
If you do not own Velvet Teddy. Stop! Go and purchase it, you need it in your life! It's such a pretty easy to wear must have. I see why it is so popular because it's gorgeous. Velvet Teddy is a pinky, brown, mauve that is rich in pigment, no shine as it is a matte and very comfortable to wear almost feels velvet... like its name. My little ride or die lipstick.

♡. MAC- Mehr.
Another must have, Another ride or die! This is so gorgeous, kind of similar to Velvet Teddy but not quite. Mehr is described to be a dirty, blue pink. I see the blue undertones but I also see warmth in this shade. So this would look great on all skin tones, with the mixture of cool and warm undertones. On the lips its a beautiful, pink, mauve. The pigmentation is amazing, a little bit goes a long way. It's a matte finish but has such a soft velvet feel. 

♡. MAC- Impassioned.
The last MAC lipstick in my top 10 is Impassioned which is a rich pigmented amplified finish.. OMG what a sexy little colour this is. A true deep colour of pink, mixed with coral and red with blue and warm undertones. Impassioned is so fun to wear because it compliments not only your whole make-up, but your skin pale or tan, and your teeth making them appear whiter and brighter because of the blue undertones. It's bold, neon and out there, but so wearable and girly. 

♡. PlayBoy Lipstick- Red
I have had this lipstick for some time now, I got it in a playboy make-up gift set. Firstly the packaging-omg cute! The lipstick is super pigmented, creamy glossy and your classic red! I love how it has a slight tint of a pink to it when the light hits it. So pretty!

♡. Max Factor- Marilyn Cabernet.
 This is your classic red but with a twist. It's so glamorous, A deep red with a little red glitter shimmer. OMG its so beautiful, so classy and glam! The name is perfect, because it does feel so Marilyn Monroe. So sexy and feels velvety on the lips. 

♡. NYX- Narcissus.
The last of my top 10 is of course a nudey pink shade! NYX have the most buttery lipsticks. Narcissus is similar to Maybelline Petal pink but not as flat, has more shine and more pink to it.  It's just another gorgeous nudey pink with a glossy finish. 


                                         xo ,Kim'sGotGloss                            



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