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Hey loves. Today I want to chill out with you on my blog and do a little get to know me type post. I am going to do the TMI tag which is 50 TMI questions to get to know me.  I must be the last person on the planet to do the TMI tag and if you are too then I tag you- Enjoy 

1. What are you wearing?
Well as I am chilling out I am wearing pj's.
2. Ever Been In Love?
With Enrique Iglesias yes ;)
3. Ever Had A Terrible Breakup?
I feel like all breakups are not nice in general but I don't think I have ever had a terrible break-up.
4. How Tall Are You?
I am a little one, I am 5ft3.
5. How Much Do You Weigh?
Ooo Very personal! I actually don't know what I weigh I have not got on a scales in a long time. 
6. Any Tattoos?
No Tattoos! I think they look cool but for myself I don't think I would ever suit a tatoo and I am way to scared of the pain. 
7. Any Piercings?
I did have my ears pierced but I think they have closed over now. I had a little ordeal with the back of my earrings falling into the hole because the ladies who pierced my ears made the holes to big. I had to go to hospital and ever since it freaked me out so I left my ears alone after that. 
8. O.T.P? ( One True Parring - fiction couple)
Mike and Susan from Desperate Housewives OMG they pulled at my heart strings such a cute couple and what happens to Mike makes me emotional lol! and Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl.
9. Favourite Show?
I can't pick just one so I will tell you my top five and that is Hollyoaks, Desperate Housewives, Modern Family, Gossip Girl  and Ghost Whisperer. I also love family guy and I am watching Power on Netflix which I love. 
10. Favourite Bands?
My all time favourite but they are not together now was the PussyCatDolls. I went and seen them live in Manchester and it was amazing. I loved Blue and Busted back in the day and New Kids on the block. 
11. Something You Miss?
I miss my dog Lucy So much! She died of Cancer February 15th 2011 and I miss her everyday :'( 
12. Favourite Song?
At the moment I am loving Tinashe- Company, The Weeknd- Six Feet Under and Jake Owen-Heaven. But any song of Enrique Iglesias is my favourite ;)
13. How Old Are You?
I am 20! 
14. Zodiac Sign?
I am a Libra. 
15. Quality You Look For In A Partner?
Loyalty, Respect,Understanding, A sweetheart, A big Mushball, Funny I love the protective manly type of guys. 
16. Favourite Quote?
I love "She believed She Could So She Did" I also love " Destroy what Destroys You"
17. Favourite Actor?
Liam Neeson, Jim Carrey, Will Smith and Chris Tucker!
18. Favourite Colour?
Of course Pink! Baby blue, Apple Red and white.
19. Loud Music Or Soft?
If I am in the bath or wanting to relax then soft but most of the time Loud especially if I am Getting ready, in the car or tiding up.
20. Where Do You Go When You're Sad?
My Mum, A hot bubble bath, My Bed and then Chocolate haha.
21. How Long Does It Take You To Shower?
Depending on what I am doing, shaving, exfoliating, washing my hair all that so 10 minutes or 15!
22. How Long Does It Take You To Get Ready?
I can be super quick if I am doing not much so 15, 20 minutes or if I am full glam hair included 2 hours.
23. Ever Been In A Physical Fight?
No I don't think I have, I can't really remember. Violence is not the answer people!
24. Turn On?
Enrique Igleisas haha! I love someone who is protective, I think when a guy smells nice is super sexy and a guy in a suit haha.
25. Turn Off?
Ignorant, All talk no actions, Smokers, timid and bad hygiene
26. The Reason I Joined Blogger?
I love the blogging world and as a fan of reading many blogs I thought I would try and do it myself sharing my tips and reviews. 
27. Fears?
Spiders, bugs basically anything that crawls or flies eeeeh get away and losing any of my loved ones.
28. Last Thing That Made You Cry?
I have anxiety so anything can set me off but the last time I actually cried lots was getting told my dad had cancer for the 2nd time and then it could of came back again 3rd time in a lump that developed, but now everything is okay my dad went through an operation to remove the cancer and the lump was just tissue from the operation thank god!
29. Last Time You Said You Loved Someone?
This Morning to my mum and dad.
30. Meaning Behind Your Blog Name?
My name is Kim and I thought Kim's Got Gloss would be girly and fun and also a play on word as in kim's got goss as in gossip but instead its GLOSS because this is a beauty/makeup blog.
31. Last Book You Read?
I read I heart Christmas over the Christmas season and that is by Lindsey Kelk who I adore as a writer she has such fun chick flick type reads so that was the last book I read.
32. Book You're Currently Reading?
I am starting to read the Shopaholic Series by Sophie Kinsella I love this series I have read it before and I miss it so I am re reading it.
33. Last Show You Watched?
Power on Netflix and as I am typing up this post Homes Under The Hammer was on the TV.
34. Last Person You Talked To?
My mum and dad.
35. The Relationship Between You And The Last Person You Texted?
My Auntie, we was arranging a day and time when I was going down to see her.
36. Favourite Food?
Chicken! As in type of food I love Chinese and Indian and Italian. 
37. Place You Want To Visit?
Vegas, New York, Italy and Santorini
38. Last Place You Were?
In the kitchen making a double chocolate coffee mmm.
39. Do You Have A Crush?
Enrique Iglesias and Omari Hardwick from Power.
40. Last Time You Kissed Someone?
Before I kissed my cats lol.
41. Last Time You Were Insulted?
Ouuhh I don't even remember. 
42. Favourite Flavour Of Sweet?
Anything Sour like Sour Laces and Sour patch Kids.
43. What Instruments Do You Play?
None! I am not talented in that way. My Granddad tried to teach me guitar but I got to bored and my fingers hurt.
44. Favourite Piece Of Jewellery?
I love watches. I have a Guess Watch that I wear all the time.
45. Last Sport You Played?
None I hate sports.
46. Last Song You Sang?
I had Pitbull Hotel Room Song in my head before.
47. Favourite Chat Up Line?
Are your legs tired? because you have been running through my mind all day.
48. Have You Ever Used It?
OMG no haha. I think chat up lines are super cheesy.
49. Last Time You Hung Out With Someone?
Today with my mum and dad, and I will be hanging out with my nan tomorrow.
50. Who Should Answer These Questions Next?
I feel everyone has done the TMI tag but if you have not please do it I tag you!

                                                           Kim's Got Gloss

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