Picking The Perfect Face Mask For You.♡

Hey Hunnies♡ As a skincare junkie I love trying all different products but especially face masks. I think they are so essential in everybody's skincare drawers. With so many face masks on the market it can get so overwhelming so I thought I would help in someway and break it down a little, talk about the different types of masks, what they do and maybe it can help you find the perfect mask for your skin needs. Disclaimer: I am not a skincare specialist, doctor or in the skincare industry I just have been a skincare junkie, researcher and built up a good knowledge of skincare products and the ingredients. Also I am not including ALL masks as this would be a looong post .Please Subscribe by clicking the follow button and follow me on my social medias links in the sidebar>> Happy Reading xo

Let's start with the most popular face mask the Charcoal & Clay. If you are oily or acne prone skin this is perfect for you and your skin needs. Clay & Charcoal masks unclog pores, draw out impurities, removes the excess sebum ( oil ) Fights acne, reduces blemishes, tightens, firms and tones the skin. Charcoal & Clay masks have ingredients like tea tree oil, sulphur and Charcoal which are great to treat acne. I have dry skin so I use these masks every now and then, at the end of the week when I want to pull out everything from my skin and restart. I feel everyone with every skin type needs to "restart" there skin by pulling out all the dirt, oil, left over products and bacteria which you can do by using Clay & Charcoal masks . Then put in all the moisture back into the skin by using beauty oils and moisturisers.

My Favourite Charcoal & Clay Masks...
Exfoliating Masks.♡
These are one of my favourite types of masks. I have dry skin so I love anything exfoliating but they are for all skin types as they do so much for your skin. Apart from the obvious removing dead skin cells from the surface, Exfoliating masks also tighten, brighten, slow ageing, remove excess sebum, clear blackheads and blemishes, unclog pores and treat acne prone skin. Exfoliating masks leave the skin healthy looking, brighter, refreshed and feeling so smooth because you have took away all the rough, textured dead skin. These masks can have grains or beads that you gently rub into your skin with circular motions when applying or taking off the mask. Some Exfoliating masks don't have any beads or grains in like Chemical or Enzyme Masks they contain gentle exfoliating acids like Lactic, Glycolic and Salicylic. Too much Exfoliating can be bad for your skin so be careful.

My Favourite Exfoliating Masks...
Sheet Masks.♡
These have to be my least favourite because they are so fiddly and slip and slide which cause me to get all frustrated and I end up tearing them by accident. I just don't have the patience but that is just me. Sheet masks are actually so good for your skin and for all skin types plus they make you look like a bank robber and you can scare people around your house. By applying a sheet mask to your face, letting it sit and soak, the ingredients are going deeper into your skin. They are disposable, pre cut sheets that are made of fibres or gel that are packed with nutrient serums, collagen boosting ingredients and hydrating moisture. Retinol and Peptide in sheet masks brighten, soften, hydrate, plump, smooth, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. You can also cut sheet masks up to apply under the eyes for a " eye mask treatment" This will help de puff, help with collagen, hydration and refresh the eyes. 

My Favourite Sheet Masks...
Hydrating Masks.♡
My little saviours, these will be your best friend if you have dry skin. Hydrating masks do the obvious " hydrate" the skin aswell as prevent dull, dry, flakey, rough, textured, dehydrated skin leaving it glowy, plump, moisturised and baby soft. Hydrating masks are so easy to work with as some are " overnight" treatments or you tissue off after 10-15-20 minutes. Once you use a hydrating mask you will notice how baby soft, hydrated and healthy your skin will look also you will realise that your skin probably needed a " drink". Hydrating masks provide our skin with a big glass of water, you can have oily skin but dehydrated so you need to give it that big glass of water to drink up. These masks are great for anti ageing as they slow down wrinkles, fine lines and feed the skin collagen. 

My Favourite Hydrating Masks...
Caffeine Masks.♡
That beautiful cup of coffee in the morning that wakes you up, giving you that boost well a face mask containing Caffeine or a Caffeine mask do the same but to your skin. These face masks give you brighter, tighter, glowing skin reducing inflammation, redness, dull and dark under eyes/skin. Tones, boosts collagen, firms and leaves your skin brighter, calmer and plump aswell as your under eyes awakened and depuffed. I love Caffeine masks because they do make you feel that " new woman" feeling as if you have had a mini facelift. They feed your skin energising, tightening and brightening properties. So if you have had a restless night and need to be looking on point in the morning apply a Caffeine Mask.

My Favourite Caffeine Mask...
Thermal Masks-
These are so relaxing and soothing, I love using Thermal Masks as a spa relaxation treatment. Thermal Masks self heat on the skin, Encouraging the skin to breathe and open up the pores so the ingredients like Charcoal, Kaolin and Essential Oils can deeply sink into the skin. Thermal Masks remove the bacteria, dirt, grime and deeply cleanse the skin. Every time I use Thermal Masks my skin feels so relaxed, purified, cleansed and baby soft. I feel like my pores are unclogged, I feel my skin can breathe. I feel oily and acne prone skin will benefit the most from thermal masks as they are similar to Clay & Charcoal  but  every skin type will love them as they can do alot for your skin. 

My Favourite Thermal Masks...


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