Lush Haul. ♡

Hey loves. I am doing a Lush haul today yay! The last time I ordered lush was before Christmas so I was in need of some more lush goodies. I ordered online and it came today so I thought I would share what I bought. xo

Mask Of Magnaminty-♡
This is my all time favourite face mask from Lush! I love the way my skin feels super clean and detoxified but baby soft and moisturised. It pulls out all the junk, impurities and grime without over drying the skin because one of the ingredients is honey to be an antiseptic and moisturise. This mask is super minty feeling and smelling, The ingredient peppermint oils helps stimulate the skin while adding that Cooling and invigorating feeling. This mask also has little beads which gently exfoliate the skin combating blackheads, dry skin and clogged pores. It's a great mask every skin type should have, to just pull everything out and restart the skin without drying it out. Mask Tip: Put me in the fridge and I will intensify the minty, cooling sensation!

I was super excited when I saw that my favourite bubble bar The Comforter has a shower cream to go with it! The Comforter is so sweet and fruity and comforting such a perfect name because it really does comfort you. Its a " cuddle in a bottle" also it's super moisturising as one of the ingredients is a Vitamin rich almond oil to leave the skin baby soft. Oh and it's a gorgeous candy bubble gum pink which is so girly! 

I have not had a massage bar from Lush in a loooong time so I thought I would treat myself and buy one. I remember I always love the scent of the Soft Coeur massage bar because it's super warm, sweet and delicious because it smells of honey and chocolate. It has honey, cocoa butter, shea butter,almond oil and toffee and a chocolate centre. So you can imagine how sweet and yummy this smells. With Massage bars you just smooth it over your body and it starts to melt into an oil/moisturiser on your skin. They are super high intense moisturising and softening on the skin, as well as adding a gorgeous sweet smell. 

I have never had a bath oil from lush because I have always been overwhelmed with the bath bombs, bubble bars and shower jelly's that I have never really looked at the bath oils so I finally bought one. This smells incredible!! You place this in the bath and watch it melt away transforming your bath water into a softening, moisturising, luxurious, milky, sweet smelling sanctuary. The Mmmelting Marshmallow moment is a bright yellow and pink bar with a sweet candyfloss, marshmallow scent. 

This is a cute, girly, playful bubble bar. I love the bubble bar's on a stick because they are reusable. You swirl it around your bath, creating the best, softest, biggest,playful bubbles then take it out and store in a cool and dry place to reuse again. The Pink Flamingo bubble bar has a girly playful scent is has rosewood and ylang ylang, softening cocoa and shea butter and refreshing bergamot. It's super cute, girly and turns your bathwater pink!! 

This is so girly! a little pink rose in the middle of a pink and purple bomb. It smells so floral and of essential oils. It has jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Clary sage and soy milk to soften. This is used as a sensual, aromatherapy stress and anxiety soother. Which I am all about! I heard that is has an actual little rose petal, or flower inside which will be so cute! The whole aromatherapy, girly vibe with this bath bomb makes me so excited to use it. 

Dry Skin people, grab this bath bomb! This is not a exciting bath bomb, but I love it because of how incredible it makes my skin from head to toe feel.  This makes your bath water super soft, moisturising and milky. This soothes dry, flaky skin and replenishes it. It has little cocoa butter pieces that melt, coating your skin with a light buttery, softening blanket that smells so yummy. It has ylang ylang to add aromatherapy and treat stress. It relaxes the nervous system and comforters you in a vanilla blanket of a softening, creamy, milky water. 

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